[PS] Promotion: Shadows of the Past

There are many wonderful and distinguished gods on Aelion. Whenever there is a discussion about science, everyone thinks of Flavius, and if magic is involved, it will be Metarchus. But when it comes to compassion, wisdom, and benevolence, only one name springs to mind: Herida.

Herida is one of the Elder Gods. She has been watching over Aelion for a long time. As a mentor, she has helped each of the younger generations of gods to start on their path, but few are aware that she considers it her duty to serve mortals.

Many things tie the wisest goddess to the common people of this world. She often speaks with them personally and tries to understand how she can make their lives easier. The peaceful way she has chosen does not let her take up arms to protect them, but her patronage and advice have saved many lives.

Which is why this desperate family prayed to Herida after losing contact with their brave adventure-seeking daughter who went missing in the western woods. Herida asks your Adepts to spare some time and help her find out what happened to the girl.

You can get the Divine Weapon Herida’s Wing and Herida’s Student Cloak as rewards from Herida for your help in this matter, along with a Mental Concentrator and a great number of in-game currencies and goodies. The promotion ends on May 12, so don’t miss out!






Mental Concentrator

Allows you to upgrade a node in the Invasion Atlas so it works in PvE adventures of any type. To upgrade a node, select it in the Invasion Atlas tab and click “Upgrade”. One Mental Concentrator will be consumed.

Divine Weapon: Herida's Wing

  • Herida's Wing has 200 charges and three abilities.
    o Gift: Creates a pulse with a range of 20 yards that deals 8 damage and applies the Gift effect to allies which increases their Critical Chance by 100% for 5 seconds. Consumes 39 charges.
    o Mercy: Boosts the next attack of a nearby ally by 2 damage (the effect last 5 seconds and stacks up to 3 times). If the target has the Gift effect, its duration will be refreshed, and the target's Critical Damage will be increased by 25% for 5 seconds. Consumes 39 charges.
    o Generosity: consumes the remaining charges, summoning a magic sphere that exists for 20 seconds. The first immortal that touches the sphere will recover 25% of their maximum health. If an ally activates the sphere, they will gain an additional charge for a selected divine weapon once per fight.
  • Deals twice as much damage to monsters as to immortals.