[PS|XBOX] Mega Market Sale

We’re mega excited to offer you fantastic deals on Skyforge currency packs from now until April 15 on PlayStation and Xbox. That leaves you with a week to grab Knowledge of Enemies, Stimulants, and Victor’s Medals at huge discounts!

Pack Price Discount
KoE Collection of Knowledge 1,350 Argents 30%
KoE Small Collection of Knowledge 4,800 Argents 40%
KoE Large Collection of Knowledge 11,950 Argents 50%
stimulants Small Pack of Stimulants 2,500 Argents 30%
stimulants Medium Pack of Stimulants 9,300 Argents 34%
stimulants Large Pack of Stimulants 25,920 Argents 40%
vm Small Set of Victor's Medals 10,000 Argents 20%
vm Medium Set of Victor's Medals 18,750 Argents 25%
vm Large Set of Victor's Medals 48,750 Argents 34%

If you need a few more Argents to make the most of it, we’ve got you covered.