[PS|XBOX] Promotion: High Stakes

Alcibiades, the master of ceremonies, is currently working on a private auction at the request of a businessman well-known in certain circles of Aelion. This businessman is famous and well-respected, but the origin of his wealth is shrouded in mystery. Wagging tongues whisper insinuations about him, and Alcibiades begins to suspect that the merchant is entangled in shady dealings. The God doesn’t want these rumors to become public and tarnish his reputation.

Alcibiades desperately needs trustworthy people who will keep order and help him organize the auction to give him ample time to dig into the dark secrets of his client—that is, if he has any. Fortunately, the God knows that your Adepts can be relied on in any situation as long as they are well compensated.

Send your Adepts to discover the businessman’s shady secrets in the High Stakes Promotion, available from now until September 10 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S! You can claim brand-new Exoskeleton Modules for your troubles, as well as plenty of Victor’s Medals and other resources.






Exoskeleton Base: Cuirass of the Undying

The Exoskeleton has a chance to charge your Companion's attack, restoring it and doubling its damage whenever you deal damage to enemies with Emergency Maneuver: Trap (greater chance), and with Emblems of Destruction (four times smaller chance).

Exoskeleton Legs Module: Boots of the Undying

  • Exoskeleton Speed: +15%
  • Exoskeleton Durability: +55%
  • Melee Divine and Trophy Weapons deal increased damage

To take part in the High Stakes Promotion, open the Event interface (access the Order menu on PlayStation and Xbox).