[PS|XBOX] Promotion: The Path of a Master

Master Forkhar has forged armor as long as he can remember, taught by his father, who was taught by his, and so on. Despite the family legacy, blacksmithing was becoming outdated and their armors a relic of the past. Determined to fight the decline, he spent most of his life seeking out information on new materials, components, and methods to create extraordinary, innovative armor. By the time he was certain he could produce a masterpiece, he was physically unable to journey for the ingredients he required.

Herida has heard his earnest plea for help and asks you and your Adepts to help the old master further his craft.

Until July 16, progress through the event and earn brand new arm and back Exoskeleton modules, as well as a Mental Concentrator, which allows you to upgrade a node in the Invasion Atlas so it works in any PvE adventure.






Steel Grip (arm module)

  • Exoskeleton durability: +30%
  • When you deal damage to enemies within 10 yards of you, it will charge your companion's attack once every few seconds.

Celestial Embrace (back module)

  • Exoskeleton speed: +40%
  • Exoskeleton durability: +55%
  • Charged by the exoskeleton, your companion’s attack creates a 10-yard long fire
    wave that deals damage to enemies.

Mental Concentrator

Allows you to upgrade a node in the Invasion Atlas so it works in PvE adventures of any type.

To take part in The Path of a Master promotion, open the Event interface. For you newer players out there, don’t worry—you’ll unlock these events as you progress through the story!