Reapers’ Revenge: D-Series Distortions

In secluded corners of the planet, ancient enemies await the day they can strike back at those who have foiled their Invasion attempts. These Pantheon-specific encounters, called Distortions, can easily prove to be some of the most difficult content Skyforge has to offer those who rise to the challenge. With Pantheons beginning to successfully complete the third (C-Series) tier of Distortions, we’re ready to introduce the newest threat.

In Reapers’ Revenge, players will come face to face with the very first bosses located within the D1 Distortion!

Skyforge Distortions D

That’s right – You will not be facing a single threat in D1, but will go up against a Vird tribe consisting of their ruler, Shukur, his two sons, and four grandchildren – all six of which seek to overthrow Shukur. While we’re confident in your capabilities, we don’t want you going in blind. With that said, we’ve prepared a very brief overview of what to expect!

The fight will begin against Shukur himself, relying on his rather limited attacks that are easily avoided. However his enrage can prove dangerous and must be properly managed. Those with a keen eye will also notice a certain swipe of his blade will leave him open for your assault.

Defeating Shukur will cause his sons, Ursag & Ruga to rush to fend their new home against your meddling. Both of these fiends possess the same basic attacks as their father but will spawn pools of Rot across the arena, resulting in difficult navigation for your party. This effluvial grime will do very little to weaken those who wander into it, but will effortlessly send unfortunate foes into an extended state of confusion.

When either (and eventually both) of the two sons fall, two of the four grandsons, known as Ching, Getush, Kushar, and Tar, will have their turn. Each have inherited the same violent rage of their grandfather but the youth don’t rely on sheer personal strength alone. These four siblings call upon normal Virds in an effort to restore massive amounts of their health. Properly managing this swarm will be your greatest obstacle.

Good luck in the D-Series Distortion!