Recruiting: Elder Guardians and Content Creators


We are looking for the next group of dedicated players that want to join the Elder Guardians and Content Creators of Skyforge. These roles are voluntary but come with benefits.


An Elder Guardian is a community volunteer. Elder Guardians are normal players that express special interest in Skyforge and its community. They are the bridge between players and the MY.GAMES team. They can help mediate issues in-game, and provide guidance and help prevent conflicts from escalating on Discord. Additionally, they can help the MY.GAMES team test bugs and provide player perspective insights on Skyforge.

Elder Guardians are generally good individuals to go to for advice on gameplay and for questions. They also have a direct link to the Skyforge team and can alert us about any critical issues that need immediate attention.

You can recognize Elder Guardians by their [EG] tags in-game and on Discord with their special title! This group of players have no affiliation with MY.GAMES and will aid the community team in matters related to Skyforge. Elder Guardians are not employed by MY.GAMES, and do not have any special powers or abilities and they can not ban or mute users.

Please be aware that even though we recruit in all languages, being able to communicate in English is mandatory.

For the full list of what is expected of an Elder Guardian, please make sure to read this page (some points are PC-specific). If you’ve gone through the list and it sounds interesting to you, then you can fill out an application form HERE.


Every video game has players who dedicate their time to making awesome videos, livestreaming, and writing guides for new players, and that includes Skyforge! Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned pro, we have a place for you in our Content Creator program! We’ll provide support to help you cultivate your channel, increase your audience via promotion, and who doesn’t love some official giveaways?

As a Content Creator, you’ll gain access to the following:

  • An internal community Discord server where you’ll have a direct line of contact with CMs and other content creators
  • Free stuff occasionally
  • Shout outs on social media for your streams and video (just @ us in the internal server)
  • The ability to do giveaways. Never be too shy to ask, but always have a decent plan e.g. 1,000 subscriber milestone/special event.

We expect delicious content from our Content Creators, of course, but on your own time. Let us know when you go live, when you’ll be away from the game, etc. Just keep us updated generally and on how you and your channel/platform are doing and be sure to let us know if you’re having any issues. We’re also open to feedback on how to improve our content creator program, so feel free to speak up! Last but not least, have fun! This isn’t a job and we want your passion to shine.

If you’re interested in becoming a Content Creator for Skyforge, then please go and fill in this application form HERE.