The Revenants Have Arrived!

Welcome, immortal, to one of the most commemorable moments in Aelion history – the Revenants have now officially joined the fray! After eons of seclusion, honing themselves to martial perfection in what can only be called undeath, their own form of immortality, these brutal combatants have joined us in our hour of need, ready to wade into battle in the pursuit of death and glory.

How long will this allegiance hold? After all, it was immortals and gods of the past who forced them into their initial seclusion, even before they acquired their immortality, yet our current situation – endless invasions at the hands of worthy opponents – provides them with the challenge and honour they seek in death. Time will tell whether this alliance will prove to save Aelion, or lead it on a path to damnation.

Wielding vicious two-handed axes, coupled with their profane ability to siphon the life right out of their victims, a lone Revenant is not to be trifled with. Are you willing to join their unholy march?


If you wish to know their ways, then take heed; the Revenant is a melee-DPS who excels at debilitating and destroying multiple targets through means of brute-force and self-sustaining shadow damage, from catastrophic swipes of its menacing axe, to withering their opponents into lifeless husks via potent magics. Here’s a taste of some of the abilities in their impressive arsenal.

In addition, those who take a liking to the ways of the Revenant can go a step further thanks to the REVENANT QUICKPLAY PACK, providing speedy access to this amazing new class, and the REVENANT COLLECTOR'S EDITION, full to the brim with precious goods, currencies, class-costume, companion and, of course, the instant unlocking of the class itself.


  • Revenant class unlocked on release.
  • Exclusive costume colour variation.
  • Exclusive companion.
  • Fourteen (14) days of Premium Subscription.
  • 10,000 Argents.
  • 7,500 Knowledge of Enemies.
  • 300,000 Credits.
  • 35,000 points of Premium Rank progress.

Don’t let others get there first, immortal – embrace the way of the Revenant with these packs (if you dare), and you shall make the invaders pay for their insolent invasions by draining the marrow from their very bones.
No matter whether you decide to play as (or with) the Revenant, we wish you the best of luck in your upcoming Aelion adventures. Have fun in-game!


-The Skyforge Team