Rock an Amped Up Weapon from the Black Metal Collection!

It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll, but it’s not far to the shop… For a limited time only, you can exclusively get the Generation 24 versions of the Black Metal weapons in three face-melting bundles: the Soundweaver’s Rhapsody of Pain Pack, the Firestarter’s Playing with Fire Pack, and the Grovewalker’s Flower of Evil Pack!

Generation 24 weapons are incredibly powerful, with their damage cranked all the way up to 340% (scroll down for more details)! Every pack comes with a Generation 24 weapon such as the Soundweaver’s guitar, the Firestarter’s torches, or the Grovewalker’s thyrsus, each designed with heavy metal madness in mind.

Every pack also contains a Class Unlock for the respective class, 7 days of Premium time, and 1,000 Ether Catalysts!

The Black Metal Collection packs are available from February 7 until February 21. Get yours today!

Playing with Fire Pack Flowers of Evil Pack Rhapsody of Pain Pack
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Abyss, Crucible of Chaos (Playing with Fire Pack)

  • Bonus: 340% Ranged Damage
  • Ability: The second leap of Path of Flame spawns rings that increase the critical chance of Flaming Spheres that fly through them by 60%.

Khella, Kiss of Death (Rhapsody of Pain Pack)

  • Bonus: 185% Support Aura Power and 340% Damage
  • Ability: The Soundweaver gains the Overcharge ability, which makes the current rhythm 2 times more powerful and blows up all amplifiers in 10 seconds, dealing damage to enemies.

Sigil, Master of Suffering (Flower of Evil Pack)

  • Bonus: 340% Damage
  • Ability: Shield of Thorns reflects 60% of damage dealt to the Grovewalker and increases damage dealt by Living Missile 3 times. Hitting enemies with Living Missile and melee attacks reduces the remaining cooldown of Shield of Thorns.

IMPORTANT: If you already own a Class in the Black Metal Weapons Packs, you will instead receive 2,000,000 Credits.

Rock out with your Black Metal weapons when you grab a pack today!