Sale: Credit Chests

From January 27th to February 8th Skyforge is running a Credit Chest Sale! If you need Credits to upgrade you Tower of Knowledge, or give an extra push on your Cathedral, this is the time!

You can purchase a select number of chests to get Credits, and with the purchase of multiple chests at once, you can get your hands on amazing discounts.

Click here to see more details on the sale!


But that’s not all!

We are almost ready to wrap up our New Year Resolution Packs, so hurry up before it’s too late. Don’t miss the chance to get some exclusive clothes, and also our fierce Snowy Hornscute, one of the few mounts that are not going to abandon you during fights.

Click here to see more details about the pack!

Check out our new Steel Giant Promotion and get 30% off on the Storm Pegasus: