Sale: Hall of Trophies


Are you planning an expedition to Thea or getting ready to challenge a mighty avatar? Then the time is right to think about your character's might!

There is a sale on at the Hall of Trophies between April 19th and April 26th, 1am PDT. Exchange Victor's Medals for improved ranks at discount up to 50%!


Increase the efficiency of Bastions, Cathedrals, Towers of Knowledge and gain more might! Especially as the recent update has boosted the bonuses from these buildings! Also note a whole range of useful upgrades for you favorite companion at a discount of up to 50%! Select your preferred bonus and acquire the relevant trophy!


Type of Bonus Name Discount
Bastion efficiency Breath of Death 50%
Ancient Traditions 50%
Aelion Games 50%
Tower of Knowledge efficiency Grand Prix Prototype 1 50%
Countdown 50%
Scouting in Tangria 50%
Search for Cloud City 50%
Cathedral efficiency Law and Order 50%
Habitat 50%
Ancient Ice Mysteries 50%
Heart of the Griffin 50%
Companion's ability Revive Master 50%
Automatic Loot Gathering 50%
Mapping and Scouting 50%
While Master is Resting 50%
Indispensable Assistant 30%
Personal Medic 30%
Transport Storm Battle Pegasus 30%

Note! Any immortal that has reached the second region of the campaign can take part in this offer.


Happy shopping!