Cathedral and Tower of Knowledge Changes

As some of you may have noticed, we released the long awaited changes to the Cathedral and the Tower of Knowledge last week. We would like to explain those changes in some more detail, and provide some context for the changes and how they will affect Skyforge in the future. While there are still some kinks in the systems that will be polished over the coming updates, we felt that these initial changes are quite solid in giving the buildings a better role in the game.

The capital buildings are a vital source of might development for immortals. Mortals gather in the Cathedral, making your god stronger, while in the Tower of Knowledge information about the enemy is constantly being studied. This also impacts a character's strength. These buildings will change with the start of the next invasion: their functions will expand and development will become easier.

Tower of Knowledge

As we worked on making changes to the Tower of Knowledge, we strove to eliminate some problems. One of which was the uneven intensity of development. Players in the top ranks can improve the Tower several times a day, easily earning the required amount of resources. While those in lower ranks need several days to gather the credits or knowledge of enemies needed to make just one improvement.


The second problem is well known by all newbies — when it comes to Tower of Knowledge progress you cannot catch up even to medium level players. You grow, they grow!

With the released changes, we are focusing on resolving the first problem. Now immortals can research collected knowledge of enemies. The result will be Tower development and, possibly, the creation of a prototype that will temporarily boost your character or give them additional advantages.
From rank 1 to 10 the cost of research will go up and from rank 11 a threshold amount of knowledge of enemies will be reached and it will not change. Every player will be able to research 3 times per day, but those who have already collected a lot of knowledge of enemies can receive additional possibilities for a certain amount of stimulants. You will no longer need credits to develop the Tower of Knowledge.


A prototype is an item created by scientists using the information about the enemy that you have discovered. During research, you can obtain 1 random prototype. Depending on the type, these items can boost character stats or give them additional chances. Here are a few examples. They are all active only in one adventure.

  • Allocation of combat transport complete with ammunition.
  • Allocation of a divine weapon with increased ammunition.
  • Allocation of free divine form.
  • Significant increase in the chance of dealing critical damage.

These are just some of the available variants. A full list will be published in the description of the update with this innovation.


Immortals have the chance to obtain one prototype during each research. You will not have to use it straight away. You can store up to 3 different types of prototypes in the Tower of Knowledge and you can decide when to use them. At the starting platform of each Squad, Group or Party type adventure, there will be a hologram of Flavius suggesting you select one of the prototypes available to you. Select the one you need to receive the advantage it provides.
If all three slots have been filled, but you continue with research, the new prototypes will be converted into a random amount of components. Use these components and you will get the random prototypes again once you have space for them. But what do you do if the space is occupied by a prototype that you do not want to use? You can get rid of it and receive a few components for it.


The Cathedral is currently considered an expensive but not very effective building. You are advised to improve it last. In addition, the cost of improvements constantly goes up and with it, the time interval between development stages also increases. It's not very convenient — but that's about to change too.

Gods will get followers again! Now mortals from all around Aelion will visit your wonderful Cathedral. And the more that come, the higher your might will be! But don't expect the number of cult followers to grow just like that — the planet has a lot of gods and you need to show people why they need to worship you! Special rituals will help there. By spending a few credits, you can carry out a ritual that will attract people to your Cathedral. Each follower will provide you with one unit of might. So when the Cathedral gets 1000 followers, you will get +1000 might. The number of rituals is limited to 3 uses per day, but you can avoid that restriction with stimulants!


At first glance, it may seem that rituals are just performances to attract the masses. But that is not the case! Another important effect of rituals will become available to those whose Cathedral attracted sufficient followers. It will be the chance to receive a divine gift that temporarily boosts character stats or impacts on their luck.

Examples of divine gifts:

  • A percentage increase in health.
  • A percentage increase in the damage of a particular class.
  • A percentage increase in damage in adventures of a particular type.

In contrast to prototypes, the effect from divine gifts will start immediately and last until the daily reset. It is important to note that one character can only have 3 active gifts at a time. If you already have 3 active effects, you will have to get rid of one for any more rituals to earn you these gifts.


One of the key questions is whether the Cathedral will become less expensive. Yes, it will definitely become more advantageous in terms of its cost to efficiency ratio. We are not ready to report the final amounts yet, but we can say that starting from the beginning of the game the cost of rituals will gradually go up until it reaches a threshold, where it will stay for a long time. Following the switch to the new system, the cost of rituals will be around the same for all active players.

By the way, rituals are not the only way to gain followers. When completing Squad type adventures or performing quests in regions, immortals will come across people in trouble. Save them and in gratitude, they will become your followers, go to your Cathedral and boost your might.


And that's not all! In the upcoming update, the Cathedral will give you the chance to take presents. When you enter the game you can visit the Cathedral, accept offerings from loyal followers, perform rituals and enjoy the growing number of believers. The presents will include credits and argents. The altar will be removed from the game for it will lose its main function.

Enjoy playing!

-The Skyforge Team