Sale: Return of Rarities


From April 18th until April 25th, there will be a sale on rare items from previous Promotions which you will be able to purchase from the Market.

You won't want to miss out on this opportunity to purchase rare costumes, transport and companions!

Item Name Price (in Argents)
Jet Experimental Transport 6500
Thea-DR Secret Prototype 6500
Tournament Armor 4500
Rider's Costume 4500
Vigo 4500
Avenger Costume 4500
Pilot Max 4500
Twisty 4500
Thomas 4500
Flaming Owl Pharakh 4500
Pirate Costume 4500
Steel Guardian Armor 4500
Test Driver Uniform 3500
Desert Rider Costume 3500
Serenity Costume 3500
Prisoner Robe 3500
Chest of the Advisor 3500
Officer Uniform 3000
Biohazard Suit 3000
Cybernetician Costume 3000
Scout Battle Armor 3000
Aeronaut Costume 3000
Purple Halo 2900
Aelerium-9 Catalyst 1320