Skyforge CBT2 Begins March 25th!

Immortals! While the first Skyforge Closed Beta Test event has recently come to a close, the team is happy to announce the second event is less than a week away! Starting next Wednesday, March 25th at 7:00am PDT (3:00pm CET) until April 8th at 2:00am PDT (10:00am CET) players will once again be able to join their fellow immortals on Aelion and explore the latest content CBT2 has to offer. CBT2 ends on Wednesday, April 8th giving players two weeks to play the game and give us your feedback & suggestions.

If you’ve already downloaded the CBT1 client, there will be no need to re-download the game once CBT2 goes live. Simply open Game Center, go to My Games, select Skyforge Beta and hit Play! It’s also important to note that all characters created during CBT1 will retain their progress and be available to play during CBT2.

We will also be sending out another wave of CBT invites on March 24th, to players who haven’t yet been selected to participate in the Closed Beta Tests! So if you've signed up for the beta, be sure to check your inbox to see if you've made it into this round of testing. You can find out immediately, if you've already been granted access by checking your Skyforge profile page and looking for the silver beta badge.

During the downtime leading up to CBT2 the Skyforge dev team will be busy shoring up both the North American and European servers to ensure a smooth launch, while also adding additional PvE and PvP adventures. Overall, CBT2 will offer the following new content for players to test:

  • Four New Classes to unlock

  • Open World Zone – Naori Island

  • Superiority PvP Mode – 8v8

  • 2 New Squad Adventures - Thetin Rift, Cronnel Platforms

  • 5-Man Dungeon – Daren Facility

  • Nedder Test Area


During CBT2 there will be special PvP activities that players will be able to participate in! We’ll provide more details next week, but in the meantime we encourage CBT players to prepare their characters for battle in Skyforge’s PvP Arenas!

For more information on Skyforge or the Closed Beta Tests please see our Official Skyforge FAQ.

We look forward to seeing you in the second round of Closed Beta Testing!