Skyforge Closed Beta 4 Begins June 23!

After several months of Closed Beta Testing, the Skyforge team is excited to announce that the fourth and final Skyforge CBT is nearly upon us! Beginning on June 23rd, at 6:00am PDT (3:00pm CET), players will have one week to join old friends and many new ones, as they test the latest round of major revisions to the Closed Beta!

CBT4 marks a huge step forward for Skyforge, as the game has received a large number of updates and improvements spanning almost every aspect of gameplay! In addition to the updates and improvements, we are also going to give all CBT4 participants immediate access to the Knight & Alchemist advanced character classes!


Below is a list of most of the major updates and additions you can expect to find in CBT4. Please note that your progress will be wiped with the beginning of CBT4:


[CBT4 Only] Instant access to the Knight and Alchemist advanced classes
• In an effort to allow players to experience some of the new classes added during CBT4, all players will have the opportunity to immediately try the Knight and Alchemist classes normally unlocked by progressing through the upper level of the Ascension Atlas.

Game Client Optimization and Stability Fixes
• ~30% Increase to FPS for all systems compared to previous builds.
• Fixed crashes affecting users with AMD chipsets when they attempted to start the game.
• Graphic settings are now displayed and saved correctly in the Settings menu.
   - Defaults to recommended settings based on your system’s specifications.


PvE and PvP
• Added the ability to manually select the difficulty of Adventures.
   - Players can now select difficulties from Easy up to Impossible - provided they meet the prestige requirements.
• Lifted prestige restriction for participating in Adventures with group members of varying prestige levels
   - Adventure difficulty can go no higher than what is available to the lowest prestige player in the group.
   - Immortals of higher prestige may receive small or no rewards for completing much lower prestige adventures.
• Added Group-Finder to Squad Adventures.
   - Immortals can now elect to be automatically matched with two other immortals, if there are others entering the same Adventure.
• Pre-assembled 5-player groups entering Group Adventures can now start with any class composition.
   - A group of 3 DPS, 1 Tank, and 1 Support is still displayed as the suggested format.
• The amount of class sparks earned from enemies has been increased by 10%
• Optimized matchmaking for normal PvP battles.
   - Immortals are now matched based purely on Prestige. Skill is no longer factored into the matchmaking process.
• Added new Traumatic Damage to enemy AOE abilities.
   - Ranged classes, normally, avoid Area-of-Effect abilities very easily. Traumatic Damage causes increased damage to ranged classes hit by enemy AOE’s while melee classes caught in the AOE are more resistant to this effect.


Ascension Atlas
• The upper Ascension Atlas is now unlocked earlier, allowing faster progression towards other classes.
• Class Atlases are now split into two parts – Primary and Extended
   - Primary requires use of Sparks of Insight and provides a few basic skills and talents.
   - Extended incorporates the majority of the Atlas and uses that classes’ unique Sparks to advance.

• Added 2 new equipment types and 6 new slots.
   - 4 Class Amulet slots and 2 Trophy slots
   - More information on Amulets & Trophies will be revealed soon

Order System
• Adepts no longer require credits to be recruited.
   - The number of Adepts that can be recruited at one time is limited by the Order’s rank.
• Adepts now earn the majority of resources required for missions through the missions themselves.
   - Missions are split into three categories, with each one focused on gathering or spending different items.
• New potential Adepts are updated automatically and can be viewed in the Order menu without the need to venture to the Hall of Greatness.
   - Immortals are still required to visit the Hall of Greatness to bring new Adepts into their Order.

• Pantheons are now available for Immortals to create! You can find more about Pantheons in our Pantheon reveal article.


• Character creation has been enhanced and fine-tuned for personalizing your character.
• Immortals may now try on costumes before purchasing them from the market.
• Numerous Interface alterations across the game consisting of changes to the Ascension Atlas, Skill, Equipment, and Order menus.
• Chat made significantly more convenient to use.
   - More in line with “normal” MMO chat layouts

Approx. patch size: 6.86GB

Returning Closed Beta players will be able to update their client before CBT4. Stay tuned for news on patch availability. To update the client, open Game Center, go to My Games, select Skyforge Beta and hit update! After CBT4 is over, all progress will be wiped in preparation for Skyforge’s Open Beta. When Open Beta arrives, players will be required to create a new character upon launching the game.

Since this is our final Closed Beta phase, we are significantly increasing the number of Closed Beta testers we are inviting to take a look at additions made in Closed Beta 4. If you’ve signed up for the beta, check your Inbox to see if you’ve been selected to join! Alternatively, you can refresh your Skyforge profile page and check if you’ve been granted a silver beta badge. The Skyforge team will be informing the community once new invite waves have been sent out. Players who’ve purchased a Founder’s Pack will also receive additional keys to give to their friends!

For more information on Skyforge and the Closed Beta, check out our Official Skyforge FAQ. If you’ve been selected to participate in the Closed Beta and need to download the client, you may do so through our Beta Access Page.

To all Closed Beta testers, both past and present, the team behind Skyforge would like to thank you once again for your detailed feedback and ongoing support as we near the next stage of Skyforge’s continual development!

We’ll see you in CBT4!