Skyforge Closed Beta Test 4 Now Live!

The fourth and final planned Skyforge Closed Beta Test has officially commenced! All eligible participants can now log into Skyforge and experience the significant changes that have arrived in CBT4.

During this testing period, the servers will be online for one week with the test concluding on June 30th at 6am PDT (6:00am PDT / 3:00pm CEST). For the duration of CBT4, all players will have instant access to both the formidable Knight and the concocting Alchemist classes! Additionally, Founder’s Pack owners have been provided with extra beta keys to give to their family & friends - make sure you’ve checked your Profile for information on how to claim your keys!

If you happened to miss what CBT4 has in store, don’t fret, you can find a list of the major changes now available on our Skyforge CBT4 Announcement! CBT4 participants that have yet to download the client may do so via the Skyforge Client Download page on Those that already possess the Skyforge client will be required to download an, approximately, 6.86GB patch before they begin playing.  CBT4 brings many fascinating and major changes to Skyforge, which is why we cannot stress how important it is to the team that you leave your feedback on our Closed Beta Test Forums!


If you’re planning on streaming your adventures from CBT4 or creating Skyforge videos for your YouTube channel, we’d love for you to share your Twitch and/or YouTube channel with us, as well as with the community through Twitter and our official CBT Highlights Thread!

Once Skyforge launches into OBT, the Skyforge Portal [NA/EU] will permanently replace the current forum. As such, during CBT4, we encourage you to spend time in the Portal and play around with its features in order to provide feedback and become better acquainted with it before launch! We will publish more information about transitioning from the current forums to the Skyforge Portal soon.

From all of us on the Skyforge team,
Thank you for helping us test CBT4! We look forward to seeing you in Skyforge.