Skyforge Founder’s Pack Item Showcase

Skyforge's upcoming Closed Beta 4 represents the first time players will have the opportunity to try out their Founder’s Pack rewards in-game! Ahead of next week's CBT4 launch, we’re showing off how this content looks inside Skyforge, allowing you to check out the unique appearances of the Glider Stormbringer TX-600 mount, several of the legendary weapons, as well as the Heavy Power Armor and Service Uniform costumes.

Remember, Skyforge possesses a vast array of unique items for you to obtain in-game for free and this is but a sampling from what is made available through the Founder’s Pack.

Legendary Weapons

PaladinS PaladinSh CryomancerS

LIghtbinder Gunner Berserker

Heavy Armor, Uniform & Mount

Armor Uniform Glider

Glider Stormbringer TX-600 Mount

Founder’s Packs will be available for purchase up until the start of Open Beta and include these as well as many other beneficial items! Visit the Founder's Pack page for more details!