Skyforge Developers Q/A - Pantheon Wars Edition

Greetings Immortals,

Recently, we proudly introduced you to Skyforge’s take on Guild versus Guild battles, Pantheon Wars. Along with the excitement it provided, this reveal brought forth questions from the community concerning how specific aspects of these wars will function. In an effort to help broaden your understanding of the systems behind Pantheon Wars, we’ve prepared some additional facts to help shed some light on your questions.

When do the Pantheon Wars events take place?

All battles in the Pantheon War (PvP and PvE) take place simultaneously, across multiple battlegrounds before leading up to a final struggle, which is comprised of the 30 mightiest PvP Immortals from each Pantheon. Currently, these can occur on one of three pre-determined days and time slots. The time of the war will be assigned automatically after the auction finishes and will depend on your region’s time-zone as well as on which Temple your bid has been placed.

How does bidding on Celestial Temples work?

Pantheons seeking to compete must select a Celestial Temple they wish to contest and place a bid for it in a weekly auction. Pantheons can only place one bid on a specific Temple and may not place additional bids on other temples. If a rival Pantheon outbids you, thereby snatching your right to participate, you may bid on that Temple again before the auction expires.

Are all temples the same?

Each Temple provides different rewards based on its rank and the division in which it’s labeled under.

Can a Pantheon own multiple temples?

A Pantheon is only able to control one Temple at any given time. If a Pantheon successfully conquers another Temple that Pantheon can claim rule over it, leaving their old one for others to war over. If a Pantheon does not choose to take dominion over a temple, they can instead pillage it and receive roughly half the bounty inside as a reward.

Will more temples be added over time?

More temples will be erected as larger numbers of Pantheons reach the point when they are ready to seek valor and glory in this high-end content.


Do Pantheon Wars require the full 100 members to be online to participate in both the PvP and PvE battles?

Pantheons must have a minimum of 100 Immortals who’ve unlocked their god form to gain passage into the Pantheon Wars, but you can enter the war with less than 100 members online. However, you may face an opposing Pantheon with a full roster, so it’s important to have as many online at one time as possible.

What happens if you don’t have 100 available Pantheon members?

Let’s say, for example, a Pantheon only has 25 Immortals available to participate in the PvP portion of the Pantheon War. Those members can choose to split their power among the 10v10 and 15v15 skirmishes, thereby abandoning the 25v25 conflict. The Pantheon will automatically lose that battle, but a fierce effort in the other PvP and PvE segments can make up the difference.

How much does each match contribute to your victory in the Pantheon War?

Winning or losing an individual match does not completely determine if you will leave the Pantheon Wars as champions. Your performance in each match will directly contribute to the Pantheons overall success in the war. For example: In Capture the flag, Pantheons will earn points towards their total score for each flag captured regardless of if they leave that battle victorious.

The final battle between each of the Pantheons 30 finest PvPers is handled a bit differently. Instead of awarding a flat amount of points, it acts as a multiplier, taking the scores from all of the previous events and giving bonus points based on the Pantheon’s combined performance.

Do you receive anything for losing a Pantheon War?

In a similar fashion to how normal PvP battles behave, your Pantheon members will receive rewards at the end of each match. This can include Sparks of Insight, Credits, or resources for your Order. However, your Pantheon will not receive any rewards for an overall loss.

How do you increase your Pantheon’s rank?

Each Temple within a League is assigned a rank which denotes its level of rewards. To move up in “rank” you must challenge a higher ranked Temple and, provided you’re victorious, your Pantheon will take control of that Temple, along with all the prestige and rewards that come with it.


What is the significance of the different Temples, Divisions, and Leagues?

In short, higher ranked Temples provide larger rewards, higher Leagues provide more variety of rewards, and entering a different Division grants another variation of rewards. Each Division provides Pantheons with a selection of various purchasable items to help further their advancement or assist in the war effort. These include costumes, consumables, mounts, boosts for your Adept’s missions and more! All of these items can be bought by Pantheon members using currencies unique to each Division.

Joining a higher division also allows you to bid on better temples. If you ascend to the Gold division, for instance, you are given the option of bidding on Gold, Silver, or Bronze Temples.

How are stat bonuses specifically earned through Pantheon Wars?

Pantheons that prove triumphant will receive up to three special currencies which can be used to further empower your immortal’s Ascension Atlas. The more powerful the Temple the more of these currencies it provides, with the Gold Temples awarding the victors with all three varieties. Each currency is used to improve the power output of any node you’ve unlocked one “level” and requires the higher-ranking currency to advance further.

Do you keep any unique cosmetics between each season?

At the end of each season you retain any costumes you have earned.

We hope this article answered some of your questions regarding Pantheon Wars and helped further your excitement over the opportunities these battles present to Immortals and their Pantheons looking for large-scale competitive outlets. We invite Pantheons of varying degrees of dedication, skill and interest to partake in these battles and prove their worth!

Stay tuned for further information on other amazing Skyforge features in the near future!