Skyforge Distortions Trailer Released!

Locked away within hidden regions of space, remnants of the past bide their time until they are set free from their perpetual prison and can once again spread chaos across Aelion. Monsters found inside the recesses of these Distortions are fierce, restless, and most importantly…extremely angry. It’s not immediately clear how long some of these creatures have been trapped within the confines of these mysterious rifts, but we are well aware of how dangerously powerful they are. It’s up to Aelion’s mightiest Pantheons to defeat the enemies pulled back into our world in order to bring some much needed relief to all of Aelion’s allies.

Distortions are Pantheon exclusive activities that pit 10 players against ancient battle-hardened invaders which have been locked away for sometimes centuries. After a Pantheon acquires a Distortion Analyzer, they are capable of searching for Distortions across Aelion. Upon finding a suitable Distortion and accepting the challenge, Flavius will transport this dangerous beast to the abandoned Storan Temple, a secluded location perfect for the task at hand. It is here where a Pantheon’s maximum potential is put to the test in order to prove their might and lay these creatures to rest once and for all. Even the strongest Pantheon’s require significant coordination amongst themselves if they want to leave victorious from these trials.

Forgotten foes ripped from Distortions scattered across Aelion hail from various invading factions, with some of the first originating from our aquatic nuisance, the Oceanides. With time, the hatred these Oceanide foes already possessed for Aelion and its citizens continued to grow unchecked as they sought nothing else but the chance to free themselves from the Distortions and destroy all in their path. Removal of these threats as soon as possible should be of the highest priority to prevent any possibility of their escape. Each tier conquered will push your Pantheon further in terms of potential rewards, glory, and the difficulty of the opponents faced.

Skyforge Distortions

Your Pantheon’s effort will of course not go unrewarded, as wondrous items are available to those who achieve victory within the Distortions. Defeating these worthy opponents will award players with powerful weapons whose strength reaches far beyond those gained through regular Adventure activities. Acquisition of these fearsome tools furthers both you and your Pantheon’s chances of survival due to the outstanding bonuses that can be found attached to them.

Skyforge Distortions 1

The rewards far outweigh the risks, but can your Pantheon truly ascend to meet the challenge head-on? Only time will tell as we call upon all Pantheons to rise against these inevitable threats before their existence becomes common knowledge. The spread of this information could prove disastrous, causing panic among Aelion’s citizens and making it more difficult to keep safe. Rise above the rest and prove your Pantheon has what it takes!