Skyforge Livestream #6: Breaching the Daren Facility with the Necromancer!

The Skyforge Community Team and moderators are joining forces once more to guide viewers through another exciting livestream adventure starting April 17th, at 11:30am PDT (7:30pm CET)!

This week, Skyforge’s Community Manager Michael “Spunky” Dunaway, Development Director Eric DeMilt and Lead Community Manager Drew Hahn are leading a group of brave immortals through the Phytonide infested 5-man dungeon, Daren Facility, while showcasing the Necromancer’s power over the undead!


Once home to an active reactor used to power the space defenses surrounding Aelion, the Daren Facility was abandoned after an accident long ago and left to decay. Years later, the facility is far from unoccupied and now plays host to the Phytonides, who see the facility as a prime location to establish a base of operations and grow their foothold on Aelion.

No beta key? Don’t worry! Throughout the stream, the team will be randomly awarding keys to a number of lucky viewers – so don’t miss out!


When: April 17th @ 11:30am PDT (7:30pm CET)

Duration: ~1 hour

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Miss the stream? Watch the full video below: