Skyforge Livestream #20: Party in the Park!

The Skyforge Team invites everyone to join Teremus & Drew this Thursday, December 17th, at 12:00pm PDT (9pm CET), live on Twitch TV!

Skyforge’s NA Community Manager Teremus will be hosting a live Costume Party and Dance-off in the Park to showcase the best and most hilarious costumes that you can dream up! We’ll have Dancing, Costumes, and Giveaways to the winners of the competition as voted on by you – the viewers!

We hope to see you all there!
Party in the park ss

Contest Rules

  1. You must be in Twitch Chat to participate as I will be interacting with you live to enter your submission.

  2. You must be ready to give me your in-game name, and the name of your costume. Please have these prepared beforehand as we’ll be moving rather quickly.

  3. There are no limitations on what you can do with your Costume, the sky is the limit. However, you are only allowed one submission so make it count!

  4. We will reward the top 5 finishers as voted on by the community. Voting will be conducted through a Strawpoll that is populated throughout the stream with your submissions. Voting will close at 1:25pm PDT, 5 minutes before the stream ends, to announce the winners.

  5. This contest will be conducted on the NA server for my stream specifically.


When: December 17th @ 12:00pm PDT (9pm CEST)

Duration: ~1.5 hrs