Skyforge Open Beta Begins July 16th!

The wait is nearly over: Skyforge’s Open Beta begins on July 16th! And, starting on July 9th, Founder’s Pack owners will be able to take their first permanent steps towards Godhood, during the 7-day Skyforge Early Access period! Starting in Early Access, all progress will be permanent. On July 16th, after the conclusion of the Early Access event, Skyforge will then officially transition into Open Beta and the journey from immortal to godhood will begin for all players!

The Skyforge team is incredibly excited to have both new and returning Immortals joining in the defense of Aelion and to help commemorate this important milestone, we’re providing everyone who log in during the first week of the Open Beta a special commemorative gift! Signing into Skyforge between July 16th and July 23rd will earn you a unique Mechanic Costume, to be awarded in-game after the first week of OBT!


Once the Open Beta has been successfully launched, you can expect additional updates and features to come in the following weeks.

Eight months have passed since we held the Technical Beta Weekend for Skyforge and 4 months from the time we kicked off our first Closed Beta. Skyforge’s Open Beta has been a long time coming and we’re privileged to finally be ready to let everyone into the game! Open Beta is a huge step for us, but it is not the last. Skyforge will continue to expand and improve as we move forward, thanks to the ongoing efforts of our developers and community.

From all of us here on the Skyforge Team, we gladly welcome you to Open Beta!