Skyforge on Switch: History of Aelion

Aelion is a large, climatically diverse and habitable planet. Life here was kindled billions of years ago in the warm depths of the oceans that encompass over 50% of its surface, and from humble beginnings through millions of years of evolution, mortal humanoids eventually developed and grew as a race. They settled the lands and developed speech and tools, but as they looked to the stars beyond their own world, the mortals strived to comprehend the unknown.

A Town of Aelion

Many of Aelion’s inhabitants worshipped the ferocious elements that scoured their world. Others, however, placed their faith in powerful, messianic figures who appeared periodically in different places and times across Aelion’s history. These beings were known as Immortals, said to be blessed by the Great God Aeli with divine powers, including mastery of certain elements, strange magic, and even the gift of resurrection.

Many Immortals lived out peaceful lives, blissfully unaware that the key to discovering their powers lay in their death and subsequent resurrection. As such, few revealed themselves, and many Immortal exploits were explained away as compelling stories in the annals of mythology.

Skyforge Aelion Thais Temple 2

Even thousands of years ago, Aelion found itself a prize contested by alien races who sought to subjugate and destroy. Though the ancient people could once rely on their mighty deity Aeli, the Great God since disappeared mysteriously, leaving the planet more vulnerable to the machinations of more evil minds. Invader races including the Reapers of Death, Oceanids, Phytonides, Gorgonides, and Demons, led by terrible and destructive Avatars, subject Aelion to constant attacks and hold the people at their mercy.


However, hope yet remains in the Immortals. Across Aelion, new Immortals are beginning to awaken and discover their god-like powers. With a little help from the Gods who still remain, they will learn to harness their powers, unlock their true forms, and begin their journey towards true divinity.

A universe of possibilities awaits you. Get ready to start your own adventure and defend Aelion when Skyforge launches for free on Nintendo Switch from February 4, 2021!

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