Mechanoid Invasion: Defend Aelion for Epic Loot on Nintendo Switch!

Prepare to save Aelion from digital doom! Available now in Skyforge for Nintendo Switch, the Mechanoid Invasion is a limited-time event that brings thrilling endgame content to Skyforge for Nintendo Switch along with terrifying new enemies, tough challenges, and a planet-load of exclusive rewards to unlock.


Equipment generation: 1
Maximum number of followers in the Cathedral 33,250
Maximum rank of the Tower of Knowledge 38
Avatar 70


The Mechanoid army is a legion of sentient robots hailing from the planet Terra led by their crazed, technopathic creator, The Integrator. Team up with other players to smash Seasonal Challenges by embarking on new Adventures, fighting bosses like Secret Oculat Double (available today) in Distortions and Raids, and scrapping Mechanoids for parts in open-world Region Invasions. Invasions are the best way to get the best gear Skyforge for Nintendo Switch has to offer, and you’ll find awesome gear by facing Distortions and battling Avatars.


The Invasion Atlas is a system that allows you to develop and enhance your Immortal and their abilities throughout the Invasion. Pick a development path and navigate through different nodes to unlock bonuses and abilities, including increased damage infliction and critical chances, reduced cooldowns, group buffs, and more. The path you take is completely up to you, so choose wisely to tailor and maximize your own powers against the Mechanoids.

The game’s starting classes — Cryomancer, Paladin, and Lightbinder — can also take advantage of specific bonuses in Squads, Groups, and Distortions throughout this Invasion!


Complete Seasonal Challenges to level up and progress, earning Invasion-exclusive rewards along the way. Lots of rewards can be unlocked for free, including the new Rey Companion, the futuristic Genesis Costume (Red), and lots of useful currency and resources.



The Invasion Pass (available as an optional in-game purchase) opens up an even bigger pool of rewards to earn, including the Genesis Wings and Halo, an exclusive title, and the Gliss Hoverboard (Mount). For a limited time only, the Invasion Pass is 20% off when purchased in-game. You can also get a special blue variant of the Genesis Costume as an instant unlock!


Avatars are the corrupted forms of Great Gods, wielding immense power and control over legions of invaders. The Avatar of the Mechanoid Invasion is The Integrator, formerly a brilliant scientist called William Wynd who sought to offer his people immortality through technology before an assassination attempt forced him to upload his consciousness into a supercomputer. Drunk on his own power, he converted the helpless populace of Terra into robots and raised them as his own army of Mechanoids.


The Integrator is one of the toughest enemies in the game and can be battled from February 25!

Defend Aelion. Level up. Unlock epic loot. The Mechanoid Invasion is now live in Skyforge for Nintendo Switch. For more information about Invasions, check out our dedicated guide. Download Skyforge for free from Nintendo eShop today!