Skyforge Update - 14.02.2018 - [Version:]

Game Release Notes

General Fixes

  • Fixed a problem with the weekly issuance of " Random edicts"

  • Fixed a bug that didn't give out divine deeds for the first distortion (issued once for the first clear of the instance, not first clear each season).

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes breaks character animation when players pick up a Trophy Weapon during the use of a Divine Weapon.

  • Fixed problems in the behavior of the camera when your character is dead.

  • The Reliquary is no longer issued to new players. Reliquaries already issued to players are not effected.

  • Now in the Pantheons "Emblem Editor" the Headpiece has been restored to your display.

  • Pantheon’s "Emblem Editor" has had the lighting conditions corrected.

  • Fixed the animations for the Talking Hat and to the following costumes: Biohazard Suit, Skater Costume and Record Overalls.


Battle of the pantheons

  • Fixed a bug that caused the incorrect duration of Divine Form, as well as lack of recovery time and the premature removal of Divine Form.

  • Added hard protection abuse for simultaneous use of divine forms. If more than 3 players on the same team activate divine form, the divine is removed from the whole team.

Thanatos's Avatar

  • Fixed the issue that caused Thanatos's hand to become invisible after all group members' have died.

  • Fixed periodic problems with the size of Thanatos’ flying Carriers.

"Imenad" Distortion

  1. Significantly reduced the health of Templars.

  2. Reduced movement speed of the Templars.

  3. Now, after the stage of the Pandemic, destruction of the relic occurs after a short delay

  4. Fixed a bug where the divine form could end before Pandemic ended.

  5. In the final stage, the stalking skulls appear more often.

  6. The relic can no longer be picked up while the player is mounted.

  7. Damage provided by the relic significantly increased when fighting Templars.

  8. Reduced the number of Templars appearing simultaneously.

Region invasion

  • Visually improved the appearance of "Plague Storm" in “Lanber Forest”

  • Restored "Equipment Containers" to the quest “Masters of Rituals”

  • Fixed a bug due to which there was no credits as a reward for "Act of Intimidation"

  • Fixed a few minor design errors.



  • Fixed bug where the animation for the ability "Dehydration" would not end if interrupted.


  • Fixed a bug that incorrectly calculated the thickness of "Armor Plates" in scaled adventures.


  • Fixed the problem of controlling your character when ending the ability "Pace of a Crane".


Emerald wings have had their name adjusted to ‘’Wings and petals’’ as new colours have sprung into the world of Aelion and well, they aren’t all green.