March of Knowledge: Legendary Ancient Rings

You have probably already discovered a new currency among your valuables — Fluids of Incarnation — and know that you can get them by successfully completing Operation Medea: Storm, as well as by completing rating Distortions or from the Fighter’s Reliquary for rating battles at the end of a stage. With the release of March of Knowledge, these may be exchanged for Visions of legendary items in the Market, which is what we’ll be explaining to you today!

In the world of Skyforge, every living creature - be it mortal, immortal or god, leaves their mark on the planet’s information field. Manmade items also have this ability and the smaller the item, the clearer their imprint. Additionally, if the item is an object of worship or a weapon that was used to perform great feats, its mark will be so evident that you can read it in the information field and recreate it!

Skyforge Legendary Rings 1

Flavius was able to create a device that connects the mind of a god with a mark found in the information field. Flavius compiled the results of his work into a fairly simple form, making it accessible to all immortals. So now you can obtain a special item in the Market called “Vision” that is attuned to the imprint of one of the legendary rings that brought great victories to their owners! Visions can be obtained by junior gods that have collected enough Fluids of Incarnation during the Pantheon War, Operation Medea: Storm or in Rating Distortions. Thus the immortals can get hold of legendary rings which will further increase their capabilities.

It should be noted, however, that along with the item properties, the information field stores the imprint of the will of whoever owned the item. And even if an exact material copy of the legendary item is created, this imprint will block its properties. Only another will can remove this block, which for the immortals takes the form of a battle with the Guardian of the legendary item. All this occurs in an incredible space between the ether and material worlds. This is where immortals in their divine form fight against the will of the previous owner of the item. This could be called a dream battle, but this dream will mean the immortal, if they are victorious, can magically acquire a real item. If the character is unable to defeat the Guardian, the vision will not disappear and can be used again an unlimited number of times.

Skyforge Legendary Rings 2

Legendary rings: these items have a special quality which makes them truly unique. Each such item has a minimum of one unique property, which can be present in addition to regular characteristics. However, they have another important property: their power always matches the power of the immortal that possesses it. The properties of an item that has been made material cannot be changed - for that, you will need to create another version of it.

Luckily, once the will of the Guardian has been suppressed, and the immortal has created a solid connection with the item, they do not have to waste their own time on this. An immortal can always get one of their adepts to do this and they will be happy to take on the task. For mortals, it is much more difficult to focus on the information field, and only the presence of their patron that already owns a legendary ring makes it possible.

Of course, the immortals themselves will provide their adepts with the Fluids to help them materialize a new legendary ring. The old rings do not disappear and characters are welcome to do as they please with them. For adepts, this is a great honor: they will be endlessly proud that they were entrusted with such an honorable task!