Preview: Achievements in Skyforge

Listen up Immortals!

The Achievements System will soon be making its debut in Skyforge. Performing certain tasks, objectives or funny gestures will earn you points which can be displayed to show off your success!

During one of the upcoming updates, Immortals will find a new "Achievements" tab in the game. Here you will find all completed tasks and points earned by your character. The unfinished achievements will give you hints on what to do next and maybe even show you a part of Skyforge you may have missed before.

Disclaimer: Screenshot is from an in-development build and is subject to change.

The first tasks will be quite simple, but with the release of subsequent updates, more difficult achievements and unique challenges will appear in the list. Start your hunt for glory as soon as you can - with future updates we will add special awards for the most active trophy hunters!

But that's not all! We want your ideas for the trophy system!



  • Think of an achievement and describe the actions necessary to obtain it.
  • Publish your idea to our Facebook post before 10:00 CET time on February 4.
  • Each participant is limited to a maximum of 3 entries.
  • Wait for the results within a few days!


  • Title: "Lord of Gravity", the description "Make all the improvements in the temple kinetics."
  • Title: "Burn the heretic. Kill the mutant. Purge the unclean", the description "Destroy 40 000 reapers, aswangs and scavengers."
  • Title "A diligent student", the description "Do not miss a single-story clip."


  • Remember the most memorable game moments: plot twists or incredible skills and achievements of characters. Surely, some of this can form the basis of your idea!
  • Try not to be carried away with the invention of complex ideas. Express your thoughts in the simplest way possible, so that any immortal immediately realizes what it takes to get your achievement.


  • The authors of the best 5 achievements will receive 15 000 Argents, and their achievements can appear in the game!
  • Also, all winners will receive crown of the oceanids a in a special color.

We wish you good luck and may your ideas flow like a river!