Skyforge - Week in Review [December 1st]

Last week we debuted the trailer for the chainsword-wielding Berserker class and announced the start of our special Skyforge mini-game, Aelion's Treasure! Find out what else we revealed and stick around for this week’s community fan-art!

Berserker Class Revealed!

Fueled by rage and wielding a massive chainsword, the Berserker is a ruthless warrior who rushes headlong into the fight. Learn what moves the Berserker is capable of in the Berserker Class Trailer!

Aelion's Treasure Mini-Game
For an entire month, we’re inviting you to try your luck at Aelion’s Treasure for a chance to win fantastic prizes including a Skyforge beta key!


Skyforge Concept Art - Death Dropship!
With Aeli, the former god and protector of Aelion missing, the armies of death have seized this opportunity to invade - using dropships like this one to replenish their forces.

Who knows what horrors will emerge from within…

Death Dropship

Fan Art of the Week
This week's fan-art is brought to you by community member Darya, depicting a fellow immortal guildmate in Skyforge!


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