Week in review – The Pantheon Wars – 01/08/2016

Happy New Year everyone! It’s time to take a look at what happened during the holidays. With the battle for Tessa’s temple, players had the change to prove what they have in store for the enemy!
Exile is still leading the Population/Prestige ranking, with both Legion of Archangels and Aurora in extremely close competition over who will maintain a solid second place.

Within the Pantheon Wars themselves, we see Exile continue to hold onto their top spot in each ranking, as well as being the only Pantheon to successfully vanquish all of the trials within the B4 distortions! Old Timers Guild is certainly making a name for themselves, as they skyrocketed up to third in the PvP ratings and currently sit at 5th for progress towards the completion of the Space Program. Various Silver Temple owners are putting the effort in, and could potentially move into one of the Golden Temple slots later down the line…

Unconfirmed sources claim that pillaging, capturing or burning Temples could see a share of Tessa sparks taken out from the owner in favor of the victor! Should this turn out to be true, competitors might reconsider their present arrangement to try and take a clear lead in the competition. Attacking temples from Pantheons storing the most Tessa sparks could become a new viable strategy, adding even more depth to Temple confrontations! Will anyone flip the table and syphon the precious resources from their allies? Who will try to claim for themselves a temple higher in the chart? Which alliances will withstand the test of time?

Legion of Archangels has definately held their own, holding onto second in the Space Program ratings with a death grip. They'll need to keep up the pace as other Pantheon's are close behind which, speaking of...

The Real Gods, despite holding onto their Silver Temple, have definitely left their mark by taking hold of fourth place towards the completion of their Space Project. Could this continued effort lead to an overall victory? Only time will tell.

The Pantheon Wars are still in their infancy for this first season but many players already joined in to fight in the most passionate competition that Skyforge has seen since its debut. The suspense promises to drive us mad over the coming weeks as the Prize tournament gets closer and closer, with the competition being fiercer than ever!

What a thrilling beginning of Stage II! We're eager to see how it continues and what players will make of the third and final week of Stage II, so be sure to stay tuned for next week’s review of Skyforge Pantheon Wars!