Skyforge - Week in Review [December 7th]

Last week we unveiled the history behind the iconic Skyforge symbol, which ties Aelion’s past with Skyforge’s present day. We also took a look at an intriguing creature concept and announced the first weeks’ top winners in Aelion’s Treasure! Here’s a quick recap of all the latest news plus this week’s community fan-art!

Chronicles of Aelion: the Celestial Fortress

The symbol that represents the Celestial Fortress is the most famous of all Aelion symbols. While historians still argue about its true origin and meaning, only one historical fact remains clear: the Celestial Fortress which the symbol represents prevented the destruction of Aelion.

Celestial Fortress

Aelion’s Treasure Mini-Game Week One Winners Announced!

Week one of the Skyforge Aelion’s Trasure mini-game recently concluded and we now have our first batch of leaderboard winners and one super lucky rainbow gem recipient! Find out who this week’s winners are!


Concept Art - The Predator

This predetorial beast stalks its prey from the shadows. Fast moving and intelligent, the creature can successfully blend in with its environment - enabling it to pounce on unsuspecting enemies.


Fan Art of the Week

This week's fan-art features a cybernetic archer drawn by community member Amiris!


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