Skyforge Year in Review 2014 – Part 2

Our Skyforge Year in Review continues today, with a look at the various locales found in Skyforge we’ve introduced you to over the past year:

Welcome to the world of Skyforge!

To start things off we released a new trailer to acquaint you with Aelion, the world which the inhabitants of Skyforge call home and the location players are tasked with protecting from extra-terrestrial invaders. However, not all threats come from above. Aelion possesses its own secrets and hidden mysteries - left buried inside ancient ruins by those who inhabited the planet long ago.

In an effort to help players grasp the architectural wonders of these ruins, we created this 3D panorama:


Introducing the Divine Observatory

Divine Observatory

Also, to assist immortal players in their fight against various invading forces, the Divine Observatory was constructed. This massive structure acts as a global surveillance system, alerting players to the cries of help from Aelion’s mortals across the planet and allowing them to quickly come to their aid. By assisting Aelion’s mortals, players earn their loyalty as followers and are granted rewards used to develop their character further.

Dankit Island

Dankit Island

Revealed during GDC, Dankit Island is home to the Virth. A rat-like creature, the Virth have burrowed deep beneath the surface and utilize Dankit Island as a centralized hideout. On the surface, Scavengers sent by the death god Thanatos roam the island in search of sacrificial victims.

The Factory

The Factory

As a technologically advanced planet, the inhabitants of Aelion have often employed large industrial factories to produce modern machinery and advanced robotics. However, recent events at one of these factories has resulted in the plant purging “biological” contaminants, while producing deadly mechanoids hell-bent on continuing the purge outside the factory’s walls.

The Lanber Forest

The Lanber Forest

In contrast to the cold steel and loud hum of the Factory, the Lanber Forest is a quiet, scenic locale home to traders and farmers tending to their fields. Or at least it was, until the Mantide arrived and began using their parasitic warriors to enslave the local inhabitants. Now, aided by a traitorous god, the Mantide seek to overrun the forest, all while spineless opportunists seek to cash in on the misfortune of others.

Naori Island


Finally, thanks to our 3D panorama, we immersed you in the tropical resort known as Naori Island. Once a peaceful getaway, this island has now come under duress thanks to several simultaneous threats. On one front, the Virds have managed to surround the local Templar troops, cutting them off and preventing them from protecting locals from invading sea creatures. Meanwhile, Naori Island’s wild animals have wandered into inhabited areas, posing a threat to the unarmed civilians there.

We revealed quite a lot this year so be sure to check back soon for more Skyforge 2014 highlights!