Skyforge Year in Review 2014 – Part 3

In part three of our Skyforge Year in Review series, we’re taking a look back on some of Skyforge’s definable class features we’ve revealed - including several of Skyforge’s diverse classes!

Skyforge’s Class System


Earlier this year, we dissected Skyforge’s class system in order to spill the beans on how Skyforge will allow players the freedom to select whatever class that best suits them at that moment. Thanks to the multi-tiered Ascension Atlas, players have ample opportunities to grow their character in several directions at once – allowing them to keep their progression while mastering a wide range of playstyles.

Gods and Their Powers

Perhaps one of the most talked about reveals last year had to do with the announcement of Skyforge’s god form. As an immortal, players are already immune to permanent death, however their powers are not fully realized until they’ve progressed to the point of godhood. Once a player has ascended, they’ll gain access to unspeakable power and acquire special abilities which can turn the tide of battle in their favor.

Anxious players were able to get their first glimpse of the god form during the second half of our Twitch stream at Gamescom, which you can view below:

The Ascension Atlas

Ascension Atlas

As we mentioned earlier, the Ascension Atlas and its integral network of nodes was an important element we revealed in 2014! The Atlas consists of several levels - each making up a different section of a character’s progression. Instead of gaining levels, a player progresses in Skyforge by unlocking different nodes of varying types - granting them access to additional stats, more advanced classes, special perks and more.

Followers and Adepts


In addition to the Atlas, we revealed other ways players gain strength in Skyforge thanks to their loyal followers who worship them. These believers pledge their loyalty and worship immortal players who come to their aid. The more followers they gain, the more it empowers them on their path to divinity. Some followers even go so far as to become adepts – loyal supporters who can be sent out on special missions and which enable players to unlock unique perks.

Skyforge Classes

Every class in Skyforge comes equipped with a unique weapon and special skillset, making each one valuable in different situations. And thanks to Skyforge’s flexible class system, players are free to dabble in each class without having to commit to just one.

Here’s a quick look at three of Skyforge's 10 classes slated for launch:

The Paladin

A righteous warrior of the light, the Paladin is one of Skyforge’s most durable and hardy classes.

The Cryomancer

A technological wizard, the Cryomancer is a master at controlling the power of ice.

The Berserker

A ruthless fighter, the Berserker favors brute strength over tactics as he carves his way through enemy lines.

We aren't done with our Year in Review just yet so be sure to check back soon for more Skyforge 2014 highlights!