Skyforge Year In Review 2015 – Favorite Trailers

It’s impossible to deny that Skyforge’s Video Team does amazing work, and we’d like to give them some time in the spotlight by highlighting some of our favorite trailers released in 2015!

Gunner Gameplay Trailer

The Skyforge Gunner Gameplay Trailer was the first trailer released in 2015 and completely encompasses what the class has to offer all while still being visually appealing!

Ascension Cinematic Trailer

Easily one of the most visually impressive trailers released for Skyforge, the Ascension Trailer visualizes an immortal’s journey from his awakening to his ascent as a god to face the impending Invasion head on!

Open Beta Trailer

The Open Beta Trailer shows off the stunning beauty and variety of Aelion while providing a reliable entry point to the current happening’s within Skyforge’s lore.

Crucible of the Gods Trailer

Skyforge’s Crucible of the Gods trailer sets up our first major update very nicely, providing a nice tease at things to come and very easily got many of us excited!

The Evil Pumpkin Festival

While much more recent than the rest of the choices on our list, The Evil Pumpkin Festival had a very distinct style that was very fast paced, visually appealing, and most importantly quite funny!

The Winter Celebration

The latest Skyforge trailer to be released, this trailer did a great job at showing the community all the fun they could look forward to in the Winter Celebration in game. But most importantly, reminded us to remember the joy of the Winter Holidays!

Check out more of Skyforge’s various trailers and videos on the Skyforge Youtube Channel! Which trailer was your favorite?