Skyforge Year in Review 2015 – Major Updates

Skyforge has come a long way since the start of Open Beta with 4 major updates occurring over the past 5 months! Maybe you weren’t a Skyforge player when they released or simply forgot what these updates did to help advance Skyforge. Let’s take a look at what exciting additions these magnificent updates provided Skyforge!

War’s Onset

The most recently implemented is War’s Onset, released on December 2nd! This battle-hardened update included the long-awaited Pantheon Wars, large-scale and high-end competitive battles; class balancing changes which brought direct changes to the classes themselves and a stats reevaluation; a New Premium system with increased gains; and finally the Order’s Influence feature which bring you substantial benefits as a fledgling deity!

Journey of the Divine

November 16th saw the release of an update that may still be fresh in the minds of many of our community members – Journey of the Divine. This update continued the advancement of the Divine Form, implementing Divine Specializations as well as the Invasion Avatars required to unlock access to these specialized variations.
Along with this, it saw the implementation of the Pantheon Academy, a feature allowing fresh players a spot in their chosen Pantheon where they could seek assistance get rewards, and provide the Pantheon itself with many benefits; and a new Reward Selection allowing players to select any of the available rewards once successfully completing an adventure!

Aelion’s Call

Arriving on September 16th, Aelion’s Call continued to add a lot of important content to Skyforge’s growing roster of exciting activities like Operation Medea, Skyforge’s second Raid!
One other piece of content was Invasion Operations, which allowed players to compete together and earn extra rewards used towards advancing the newly added Invasion Atlas. While speaking about atlas, Aelion’s Call brought a new system to the Ascension Atlas: Vectors and Nodes of Destruction, Balance and Creation.
Most prominently, Aelion’s Call saw the inclusion of the Catch-Up System which provided new players with the ability to increase their cap, ensuring that they would no longer be unable to reach the same point as those who have been around since the beginning!

Crucible of the Gods

Crucible of the Gods, released on August 11th, was Skyforge’s first major content update and primarily focused on easing your game experience with the Prestige Scaling system, allowing players of any Prestige to participate in the same adventures; and adding a lot of the major post Divine Form content, including the ability to become a god yourself! This ranges from Distortions to Anomalies, Invasions and even saw the appearance of Skyforge’s first Raid, Operation Isabella! We’ve come a long way since then, as Operation Isabella once caused significant problems but has now been mastered by our Veterans!

Keep on the lookout for many more exciting updates in 2016!