Special Ascension Pack Event

Immortals, here is your chance to become a pack collector! From now until the 27th of November, you can get your hands on our monthly legacy pack discounts. Safe up to 15% and unlock an exclusive blue color variation of the Phytomorph costume! Check below for the many ways you can collect packs!


Level up and save up to 15%

Are you looking for an especially good deal to complete your Pack collection? Then this is the opportunity for you!
Each pack you own contributes to your Pack Experience Level and unlocks discount tiers. The more packs you have already unlocked on your account, the higher your discount will be!
Level up your Pack experience bar, and receive a discount of up to 15%.

Save 20% on your first pack!

Have you never bought or received a pack in the past? Then we have an especially appealing offer for you!
For the first pack purchase on your account you will receive a special discount of 20% on top of the built in savings that the packs offer.
This special deal counts for any of the legacy packs on sale, so choose wisely!

Unlock exclusive rewards!


Do you already have all the packs unlocked on your account? Then we have a special little surprise for you!
We have unlocked an exclusive Ascension Reward Pack for your account that you can redeem on our page. A bunch of currencies, a special portal title and an exclusive blue color variation of the Phytomorph costume!
Available for a limited time only!

So, have you thought about some of the packs you missed out on and wish they were back for another round? Well, now that you know some of the awesome deals that come along with the pack sale, check out below for the list of available packs for this major Ascension sale and grab the one you want today!