Stand United and Spring Cleaning Packs are live!

All Immortals are aware of how the great god Aeli saved our world from a cataclysmic collision with our own moon, Thea, in the past – yet nobody, not even Flavius himself, realized that said moon is actually habitable, serving as a convenient location for invaders to prepare their next assault on Aelion, and an unlikely home for sentient species yet to be discovered. It is now clear that great mysteries (and threats) await us on Thea, and so begins the next step in Aelion’s scientific advancement. Are you ready to join the Stand United?

The latest update will implement various improvements, fixes, and general tweaks – a full list of which will be included in the official patchnotes – in preparation for Immortal’s future travels to Thea. Here’s just some of the notable additions:

Invasion Adventure: Epic Drops

There is now a chance of obtaining epic weapons and artifacts from previous seasons from slain bosses. Item generation will correspond to the character’s strength, but will not exceed the previous invasion-season’s generation. For example, while the Phytonide invasion is active, you can obtain 1st to 6th generation weapons and artifacts.

  • High likelihood of obtaining weapons or artifacts from Flagship bosses.
  • Chances of weapons or artifacts in other invasion type adventures are significantly lower.
  • Weapons cannot be obtained in fights with an Avatar (e.g. Coming of Machavann, Avatar Machavann).

Role Selection

Once queued for an adventure, you can now select one (or several) roles you are willing to play during its course. This also applies when searching for players; for example, replacing one that has left the group, allowing you to engage a more specific search.


Pantheon Tournament Rewards

Pantheon Tournament participants will now begin receiving Aelerium-9 Catalysts as the standard reward currency. You can collect your reward(s) simply by using the pending rewards interface (F9).

For a full list of all changes, be sure to check out our official patchnotes.

Spring Cleaning Packs are Here


Our Stand United expansion isn’t the only thing which you can look forward to!

From March 9th to March 28th, you will be able to get your hands on one of our most fashionable items yet in our Spring Cleaning Packs!

Hate getting your day to day clothing dirty, got tons of stains from battling in the invasion all day? Well, it’s time for some fresh air and the spring cleaning to start! This month you will have the opportunity in collecting the best spring cleaning outfits in Aelion. Don’t miss the chance on getting these costumes, they only come around so often.


Don’t forget, getting the Spring Cleaning Bundle combo pack will give you an amazing discount. Now that’s Squeaky Clean!

We hope you enjoy the latest update and look forward to joining you on your journey to Thea in the near future.