Stand United: Patchnotes

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Ascension Interface Theme

Visualization - Gamepad - Flavius's Emitter - Story


Known Issues



  • The formula for calculating prestige has changed. Now a character's prestige is calculated as follows: Might times the sum of multipliers, divided by 4. This could result in a slight change in character prestige (no more than 2%).

  • In invasion adventures there is now some chance of obtaining epic weapons and artifacts from previous seasons for killing bosses. The item's generation will correspond to the character's strength, but it will not exceed the previous invasion season's generation. For example, while the Phytonide invasion is active, you can obtain 1st to 6th generation weapons and artifacts.

  1. There is a very high likelihood of obtaining weapons or an artefact from Flagship bosses.
  2. In other Invasion type adventures, the chance of obtaining an epic weapon or artefact is significantly lower.
  3. Weapons cannot be obtained in fights with an Avatar (Coming of Machavann, Avatar Machavann).

  • Now when you are in a queue for an adventure you can select one or several roles you are willing to play. The same is possible when searching for a player to replace one that has left the group.
  • Pantheon Tournament participants were awarded Aelerium-9 Catalysts. You can find them in the pending rewards interface.
  • Optimized search engine on the Roles group. Eliminate the cause of excessive load on the server, provoking the emergence of queues at the entrance to the game and adventure.


  • There are now two types of lighting in the Aristel's Farm adventure - day and night.
  • Herden Temple now has a periodic change in weather and can be rainy as well as sunny.
  • Kingesi Arena has new weather conditions: downpour and sunny day.


Defensive fortifications
Fixed a bug where the "smoke grenades" of the Slayer made the Bomb invulnerable.


Dangerous Greenhouse: Nephelis

  • Maximum health of roots created by boss on main area has been significantly reduced.
  • Now the longer a character spends on poisonous ground, the longer the negative effect they receive is.
  • Fixed the issue causing platform to be restored even when a boss was in a rage.


Fixed a bug where players wouldn’t get all the quests for this region and wasn’t able to fully complete the quests for the zone.


Report type quests changed. Now monsters summoned to complete the quest do not carry any loot. However, after fighting off all waves, players receive an ancient chest.

Battle of Equals

Premium subscription bonuses that strengthen characters no longer work on battle arenas.

Divine Weapons

Nerion's Hammer

  • Fixed a bug where the “Incinerate” ability would could consume two charges when used.
  • Fixed a bug where you were able to spam the “Incinerate” visual by clicking LMB repeatedly. The damage is not affected only the appearance of the skill.


  • Radial menu (G key) now includes option to teleport to nearest resurrection point if a character is stuck.
  • Minimap is now circular.
  • Information on current progress (0–100%) removed from Quest screen.
  • Changed location of the Community tab, it’s now in the 3rd position in the menu bar.
  • The Flavius's Laboratory screen has been removed from the Invasion tab of the Aelion interface.

Ascension Interface Theme

  • Cathedral and Tower of Knowledge screen backgrounds changed.
  • Active tab color has been adjusted.
  • Icon changed for first completion reward.


  • Fixed the issue where the animation of blinding displayed incorrectly for female characters.
  • Corrected some of the female headwear that could not be combined with different hairstyles.
  • Adjusted animation of Machavann's Guard Blossom abilities slightly.
  • Fixed the issue where the appearance of a divine form could have the wrong color.
  • Fixed a few issues where combining the Veil and the Halo would cause issues.
  • Fixed the NPC’s heads which would turn strangely in the "Mechanical evil” story.
  • Fixed a bug where the female characters playing an Archer in the divine form would hold the bow incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug where the character in the divine form would become invisible when changing class or the activating the divine weapons.
  • The visual effect of the Slayer ability "Twilight Scourge" has been fixed.


  • Gamepad no longer vibrates when a character nearby receives critical damage.
  • You can now quickly move to the temple of the required class from the menu.
  • Hints have been added. 
  • Background has been adjusted. 
  • Icon color has been changed. 
  • Fixed an issue where you could not highlight and read the description of a finishing ability on the Abilities screen.

Flavius's Emitter

Now characters are not stunned when using the Impulse Spiral ability of Flavius's Emitter.


Metal and Chitin: Fixed issue in which some players could not get to Auria's Lair.


  • Fixed an error that can lead to the client closing.
  • Fixed issue in where the game client would close after exiting Photo Mode.
  • The adept Apathius the Gloomy has finally found his pen and is now writing his travel journal.
  • Crusher of Death Armor costume now given for completing Gravedigger story. If you have already completed this storyline, go to the Divine Observatory and take the pending reward (F9 key) - the costume will be waiting for you there.
  • Storyline quests now have their own color and they can be quickly found and recognized in the list.
  • Work has been carried out to optimize client during combat.
  • When creating a character and changing appearance in the Style Room, the camera position has been adjusted in the Make Up, Lip Color, Tattoos and Tattoo Color sections. Close up of faces will be shown.
  • Fixed an issue causing Monk and Lightbinder male class characters in divine form to have increased dash length.
  • Now when a new player unlocks the Order they will get 8 followers instead of 6.

Known Issues

  • The map is incorrectly displayed in some scenarios.
  • Television screens are displayed over game interfaces.