[SWITCH] Blood Harvest Packs Now Available

Deliver Aelion from evil with two Class Unlocks and new Legendary Weapons available in Blood Harvest Packs! The Lethal Rage and Killer Precision Packs are now available, with each containing the powerful, unstoppable will to deal judgement to invaders.

Both Packs contain a Class Unlock and Premium time, with valuable currency and consumables to be found too:

Lethal Rage Pack Killer Precision Pack
Class Unlock: Berserker Class Unlock: Outlaw
Legendary Weapon: Iron Heart Legendary Weapon: Eternal Darkness and Endless Night
7-Day Premium Account 4,000 Victor’s Medals
300,000 Credits 10 Stimulants
3,000 Knowledge of Enemies 3,000 Knowledge of Enemies

Head to the ‘Pack’ section of the in-game Market to arm yourself with new classes and Legendary Weapons today!

IMPORTANT: All Legendary Weapons are available in the current generation: Generation 6 on Nintendo Switch.