[SWITCH] Champion Avatar: The Integrator

Spearheading the Mechanoid Invasion, The Integrator is the very first Avatar of the Invasion to assault Aelion on Nintendo Switch. The Avatar is the single most powerful enemy boss of an Invasion and it requires teamwork, tenacity, and tremendous strength to defeat.

The Integrator will arrive on Aelion in two forms: Training and Champion. The Training Avatar is for beginners and those new to Godhood. It is adapted for groups of five characters and will definitely prepare you to eventually face the Champion Avatar.


Potential drops you’ll receive can be found on the Adventure card before you queue for or enter an Adventure.

Avatar Trophies gained from Avatars can be used to develop your Halls in the Temple of Deeds. This is where you’ll find and be able to unlock divine specializations for your character, which are different paths and skill trees you can choose to explore as a junior god. Once you have unlocked six of these specializations, your power is proven mighty and transformation is inevitable!

Avatar Trophies from the Champion Avatar are used to unlock new powers called Aspects. These are a type of divine specialization available to Elder Gods that allow you to assume a special form and use new abilities.

Avatar’s Artifacts can be exchanged for one of six Divine Avatar Weapons in the Invasion section of the in-game market, and if you already have a weapon then they can be used to upgrade said weapons. These weapons are extremely powerful and can assist you in battles—once you’ve done enough damage to summon them. You can find them in the Symbols tab.


Cognition is the currency used to improve an Aspect of higher divinity in the Halls of Elder Gods.

The Avatar will be available to challenge until the very end of the Mechanoid Invasion, so good luck, Immortals!