Tech-Savvy Super-Sale

You don’t live on a constantly invaded planet without garnering some technical know-how, be it fixing a toaster (or, preferably, life-saving medical equipment), explosive gadgetry and, in some cases, engineered methods of travel – an often-underappreciated commodity. After all, you have to get from A to B before you can clobber B upside the face with your weapon of choice, which is why the tech-wizards of Aelion have devised all manner of hardware over the years that is capable of doing just that (in style) – and some of those very gadgets are now currently on sale!


From the 8th to the 15th of November, if you have any desire of netting yourself a tech-savvy glider or hoverboard at a whopping 25-50% discount, then we’ve three particular brands in stock that may appeal to you.

Item Argent Price Discount
Amethyst Glider 9,000 -50%
Outrider Special Glider 13,500 -25%
Beam Glider 13,500 -25%

Whether you just love owning fancy gadgets or genuinely do wish to zip to your destination in a jiffy with these speedy gadgets, you’d be crazy to miss this absolute steal, so don’t delay. Interested? Then simply head to the Transport Tab while the sale is active and have a browse – simple as that! Sadly, we’ve run out of complimentary toasters to go with them… We’ll just have to devise another great mount sale later to make up for it.

-The Skyforge Team