Tips from Flavius: Orders

This section contains useful information for those who are just starting to play. It talks about orders and their role in the development of an immortal. Managing you own order is basically a game within the game. It is, however, one of the three most important sources of divine power. By following these tips, you can easily extend your influence across Aelion.

Tip 1. The more you progress, the more you need to increase your basic stats. Temples built in your honor are the best way to do that.

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Increasing the rank of a temple provides Stamina and Might, and it also increases your Maximum Health.

Tip 2. The more temples you have, the better your stats! You will get the opportunity to expand your influence in new provinces as your Prestige grows, and it does not depend on your current number of followers.

Tip 3. Once you have a new province under your protection, you need to appoint a patron from among your adepts. Remember that if you build a chapel in a province that does not have a patron you will not receive useful bonuses!

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Tip 4. Build the desired chapels for your temples. In each province only one chapel can be activated at a time, so select the stats and combinations wisely: depending on your class and build, you may need very different support. Active chapels are the best source of extra stats.

Tip 5. Develop your buildings! Temples and chapels can be upgraded with special artefacts which are given as rewards for PvE adventures and PvP battles every 2-3 days. Do not miss out on these!

Silver Pommels, the rarest resource, appear in rewards every three days.

Tip 6. There are three types of resources for order development: Okki Tablets, Ring of the Founder, Silver Pommel. Just like new provinces, the opportunities for receiving them are gradually unlocked and require a certain amount of Prestige.

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Tip 7. Temples and chapels are gradually upgraded, from regular quality to great. It never hurts to stock up on resources in advance for building and enlightening adepts.

Tip 8. Make the most of your order! Chapel will only yield maximum bonus if the patron of the province and temple match or exceed its quality.

Tip 9. Enlightenment makes adepts much more efficient. Look at adepts with stats of 7 and above. Perhaps, some of them need to be upgraded right away.

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Tip 10. Remember that in each province only one chapel can be active. Select your bonuses carefully and switch between chapels depending on the circumstances.

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Tip 11. The order you have set for your chapels is remembered for each unlocked class. You can arrange bonuses as you like and do not have to think about them when switching classes.

Tip 12. When starting to develop your order, try and get rid of the most inexperienced adepts by sending them off to do missionary work. This will free space up for more able followers, who you can develop and send on missions.

Tip 13. Select where to send your loyal followers, paying special attention to the rewards. Use adepts who can increase them thanks to their qualities!

Tip 14. Drop by the Hall of Greatness once a day so as not to miss an experienced and mighty adept and to quickly boost the rank of your order.

Tip 15. Every day you will find gifts from your followers in the chest next to your statue. Don’t forget to look inside!

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Tip 16. It is best to send adepts on missions if you are 100% sure they will complete them. Nevertheless, sometimes it is a good idea to try and complete two missions instead of one. Even if you fail, you will still receive half the reward.

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Tip 17. Remember, your adepts should not hang around doing nothing - send them on missions regularly!

Tip 18. You can activate a secondary chapel in a Province thanks to an Optimizer, a device that can be acquired on the market in exchange for Victor's Medals.
Be mindful that an Optimizer can only be used for one selected province, you will not be able to change your mind later. Pick the province to improve carefully! All other restrictions (chapel quality and patron talent) remain in force.

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That is all for now! Good luck!