Tips from Flavius: Side Quests

Flavius is back from hibernation and has some useful information in his pockets. Being an immortal means answering the call of people across Aelion. These requests for aid send our young gods on dangerous adventures in different regions. In this episode you’ll learn how side quests determine your score in solo and group PvE adventures and what needs to be done to increase that score.

Tip 1. There are two kinds of adventures where you can gain a score: adventures with special conditions (battle feasts) and adventures without conditions.
Adventures without conditions can be completed with different levels of efficiency.

Tip 2. Increase your score to earn better rewards and Particles of Mastery.

Tip 3. Once you complete an adventure, a trophy is displayed. Its stars, color and letter indicate how well you performed.

Tip 4. C is the lowest score you can gain. It requires you to complete the adventure without completing any special conditions. You will receive a base reward.


Tip 5. B is the next tier. If you manage to carry out some of the battle feasts but fail to complete both missions, you’ll be scored B. The reward increases by 10 %.


Tip 6. A is next. Perform battle feasts and complete at least one of the missions to reach rank A. Your reward increases by 20 %.


Tip 7. S stands for superstar! Congratulations, you managed to complete all battle feasts! Your 30%ish reward is well-deserved!


Tip 8. The rewards include Particles of Mastery. The higher your score, the more Particles of Mastery you will earn.
Particles of Mastery are required to upgrade your equipment.

To learn more about the requirements of battle feats check our guide about side quests on Aelinet.

That is all for now – Good luck in your adventures!