Troubled Seas Promotion

Taoru Island is a lesser known and almost uninhabited twin of the tropical island of Naori. While the people of Aelion sunbathe on the golden sands of Naori, contributing to the development of tourism in the region, the only visitors on Taoru are birds and sea creatures. But that does not discourage the monks who built the Temple of the Council Gods here a few decades ago.

The location wasn’t picked at random. Ancient scrolls hold evidence that Aeli himself, the great god of Aelion, used to meditate in this secluded place. They say he saw visions of the future and signs he could interpret. For example, it was here that he predicted one of the invasions.

The senior priest of the Temple is not Aeli, of course, so his visions are not as grand: they are about the quality of the future harvest or the beginning of the monsoon season, but he does not despair and continues to improve himself.

However, recently he witnessed some truly strange signs. He has difficulty figuring out their meaning: the sea turned purple, beached fishes had eight eyes, a column of light extended upward from the water, and a ghost appeared in the temple!

Herida asks all free adepts to assist her in understanding what is happening on Taoru.

First Circle Rewards


Second Circle Rewards


The event runs from August 8 to August 22. To take part in the Troubled Seas event, open the special interface which you can access by pressing the 9 key.

Legendary artifact: Aegis of the Ocean

  • Healing Efficiency parameter is increased by 25%.
  • At the start of combat and when picking up Healing Orbs, you gain a shield for 10 seconds that restores 2% of missing health per second and absorbs damage equal to 30% of your maximum health.
  • If an enemy destroys the shield, they will be encased in a water bubble and stunned for 4 seconds.