Unlocking the power of your Divine Form

Becoming a god is a long and challenging journey. On the path to godhood, you’ll gain newfound strength and learn numerous skills and talents. We’ve touched on this path in previous articles: how different stats are used to create effective builds, how Orders affect your power and how to achieve divinity. We also revealed some of the events that await you at Skyforge’s high-end. Now, it’s finally time we unveiled more about your Divine Form, the great power brings.

As you continue to unravel the mysteries behind Skyforge’s ongoing story, you’ll unlock your Divine Form, gain your first divine abilities and select your Divine Form’s future appearance: a high-tech super suit, a fiery demon form or the very essence of the god of Aelion, Aeli. Later, as you continue to progress, you’ll be able to switch to your Divine Form in certain types of adventures (e.g. battling the avatars of hostile gods, Raids, Pantheon Wars, and more) or anywhere you choose by using a special Faith resource which can be obtained through certain content.

Your Divine Form tips the balance of power in your favor – regular immortals won’t last long in a fight against a god. Player's in their God Form are supposed to feel over powered and unstoppable, but you can't always count on being the only god in a battle. If a player in their God Form finds themselves facing off against another god of equal strength, attacking hapless immortals may move down on the list of priorities. This God vs. God conflict, creates intense fights as gods war against rival gods while fellow immortals fight beneath them, ensuring a relatively balanced fight.

What are the Divine Form’s benefits?
While obtaining your Divine Form takes dedication to unlock, the incredible powers and might it brings make it well worth the effort.

As a god, if a player has unlocked several classes, they’ll possess the significant advantage of being able to switch between any of them in the midst of battle and use special divine ultimate abilities. These divine “ultimates” are determined by particular class groups.

When the character assumes their Divine Form, they become physically bigger sometimes doubling in size, floating above the ground unable to hide their inner power. Their movement speed, range of attack and damage output are all significantly increased. Their health takes longer to regenerate as they are able to withstand much more damage than their fellow immortals. If a player is defeated while in their Divine Form they’ll immediately revert back to their usual immortal form.

Class Groups and Divine Ultimate Abilities

For Divine Ultimate Abilities classes are divided into 5 groups:

Tank-Small-Icon Tanks Caster-Small-Icon Casters Support-Small Support Ranged-Small Ranged Melee Melee
Paladin Cryomancer Lightbinder Archer Slayer
Knight Necromancer Alchemist Gunner Monk
Witch Berserker


Each of these groups has access to one divine ability with incredible range and duration. Using any of these divine abilities at an opportune time can quickly decide the outcome of a battle.

Divine-Presence Divine Presence: Tank Ultimate Ability
Altering the laws of the universe and warping space itself, the god creates a black hole above themselves, pulling in nearby enemies. Over time the hole grows larger, pulling more and more helpless targets in until eventually it explodes, hurtling them in all directions.

Divine Authority Divine Authority: Caster Ultimate Ability
The god summons a fast growing vortex filled with bolts of lightning which strike at groups of enemies. After a few seconds, enemies find themselves at the center of this storm, where they take incredible amounts of damage.

Divine Army Divine Army: Support Ultimate Ability
The god becomes invulnerable and deals increased damage for a period of time. This effect also spreads to nearby allies.

Divine Wrath Divine Wrath: Ranged Ultimate Ability
The god launches a lightning into the sky, and a few moments later it strikes all nearby enemies, inflicting massive damage. When the effect ends, at the point where the lightning hit the ground an explosion occurs, producing damaging shock waves.

Divine-MightDivine Might: Melee Ultimate Ability
The god envelopes themselves in a deadly wall of flames before setting everything in its path ablaze.

Divine Combat Abilities
Additionally, gods gain three combat abilities that can be used in outside of their Divine Form which consumes the Faith of their followers:

Divine Healing: restores your character's health. There are no healers in the world of Skyforge, making this ability invaluable during fierce battles.

Willpower: removes all crows control effects and renders you immune to them for a few seconds.

Divine Form: activates the Divine Form for as long as you have Faith.


Divine Specializations
When it becomes clear what activities you are most proficient at, you can opt to select your priority specializations. These specializations are unlocked via special nodes found in the Divine Atlas (the new Ascension Atlas matrix, opened when you unlock your Divine Form). They determine which activities will give you certain bonuses. So for example, if you enjoy soloing adventures and exploring open areas, you’ll be able to choose the specialization, God of Wandering.

Gods of Hunt enjoy themselves the most when they’re engaged in battles against one opponent – be it a boss or another immortal. For massive battles and PvP arenas, you’ll definitely want a God of War, and in PvE fights against invading armies – a God of Defense. Finally, Gods of Knowledge can create new pieces of equipment, and Gods of Authority wisely manage their order and devoted adepts. Over time, gods may grow even more powerful and gain access to new character development choices and opportunities.

Divine Atlas
The Divine Atlas becomes accessible through the Ascension Atlas, once you've unlocked your Divine Form, and contains nodes with various upgrades for a character’s divine abilities. In battles against new threats the character receives special resources used to unlock these new nodes which reduce incoming damage, reduce the cooldowns of divine ultimate abilities, grant immunity to crowd control and more!

Divine Feats
A character who unlocks their Divine Form will have to prove they’re worthy of using divine abilities and are capable of protecting those who follow them.

When visiting the capital park, immortals that have access to the Divine Form are given a weekly quest where they can fight against a powerful monster together with their fellow immortals. Such battles happen next to special altars in open world zones.

During the battle, you can pick up special sparks that allow you to use your Divine Form for a limited time. This adventure will bring significant rewards to those immortals who participate in it and will reward them with Faith. Additionally, you’ll have a chance to show off your power to the world and cleanse Aelion of invading creatures.

Going beyond
When an immortal becomes a god, they’ve only taken their first step on the long path to finding their place in the divine hierarchy of Skyforge. Young gods will be faced with even more daunting challenges and incredible opportunities to come. The next step on the path of divinity will distinguish you from a lesser god in the same way a lesser god is distinguishable from an ordinary immortal. Reaching these new feats and challenges, as well as participating in fateful battles will help shape the future of Aelion!