Update to Programs


3 New Programs - Terra program - New Enemy program - Green Threat program - New Enemy Bases

Immortals, thanks to your efforts we have successfully established a steady foothold on Terra; Paving the way for further research into the mysteries the planet holds, as well as increased development to tame its rather inhospitable surface. As it stands, we have decided to aim the efforts of our research towards three main points of interest.

Firstly, the planet of Terra itself still requires extensive exploration if we are to delve deeper into the many unanswered questions that lay before us.

Secondly, beings unbeknownst to us until now have proven themselves a staggering threat and a rather irritating impedance of our activity on Terra. Additional info is vital. We’ve coined the name “Draconid”. They are a force foreign to Terra, highly advanced, and exceptionally dangerous - suffice it to say, we know little else.

Finally, we would benefit greatly from further research into the Phytonides that have begun to assume control over Terra’s Ecosystem.

Three new programs have been established in order to conduct this research, but there is a great deal to be done. They will require the assistance of many Immortal explorers if they are to reach a breakthrough, and the programs you choose to support will shape the development of Terra.

3 New Programs

We are opening the programs “Terra”, “New Enemy”, and “Green Threat”. The program that attracts the most immortal volunteers will receive greater resources for development.


How does it work?

It’s simple. Choose a program you’d like to support. You’ll learn what you can do to help. After a certain period of time, programs will receive progress and resources based on the overall results of the efforts put towards it. The Pantheon that puts the most effort into the development of an appropriate program will become its Curator. A position in which I can assure you has significant privileges associated with it. Take care that your Pantheon maintains its curation efforts, or an opposing Pantheon might swoop in and claim the Curator position for themselves.

To make it easier for immortals to develop the new planet, we have started constructing Uplink Terminals. You will need Ether to use them. However, members of Curator Pantheons can use them for free - as a bonus for their active participation. Right now, only one Uplink Terminal is available - but as you develop the programs, more will be added. Each program unlocks a new Uplink Terminal once it reaches 8,000 research points.

Terra program

The Terra Program is aimed at exploring the planet: its resources, history, dangers, and the unusual fact that we haven’t encountered any Mechanoids here despite it being their home planet. The head of that direction is Flavius’s assistant, Tiberius. You can find him right here. I left him at our main base to keep him safe.


The only mortal on Terra and the source of my headaches. He’s Flavius’s favorite assistant, so if he dies here, Flavius won’t let me forget it for the next three hundred years. He’s here because of the Mechanoids - he already has a few theories on the matter, and he might just be our best specialist on them, second only to Flavius.


New Enemy program

The New Enemy program studies the Draconids and their forces. I’m sure I don’t need to explain any further as to why this is important. You know the head of this direction well. I entrusted Captain Garos with this important mission. You can find him at our new Storm base - it’s located on the hill where a Draconid outpost used to be.

Terra holds many mysteries - our scouts saw the arrival of Draconid officers. They appear to be extremely dangerous, so you must be cautious when dealing with them. But remember: they are likely to possess valuable information. We could certainly use it.


A great serviceman, one of the best. I can always count on him like I can count on myself. If something happens to me, he’ll take command and complete the mission. He’s currently studying our new enemy, the Draconids.


Storm Station

Capturing the second point is something I’m really proud of. It’s the first time we managed to deal a heavy blow to our new enemy, the Draconids. They abandoned their outpost on the hill and fled. It’s our “Storm” base now. We will outfit it with equipment for studying the scaly aggressors.





Green Threat program

The Green Threat program studies the Phytonides, an age old enemy of Aelion. Though we have relatively extensive understanding of the Phytonides as a whole, some believe that the creatures from Terra are distinctly different from the ones we have on Aelion. The head of this direction is a Grovewalker by the name of Beatrice. You’ll find her at our Thorn base in the forest. There used to be a mycelium there.


This young immortal has only recently become an immortal and immediately decided to be a Grovewalker. A born protector of nature. She’s a bit crazy about protecting plants, so be patient and try to remind her that the Phytonides are first and foremost our enemies.


Thorn Station

The first one is in the forest, in the Phytonide territory. We captured a mycelium, and it’s now our “Thorn” base. It’s where we will research our green friends.






New Enemy Bases

New Phytonide Base

The Phytonides have started growing! There is a new infestation to the north west of the Terra-1 station. Previously barren, the plants have taken root and are spreading their vile spores into the surrounding area.




New Drakonid Base

The enemy has a new outpost in the city ruins. We need to conduct a few raids on it to show them who’s boss.