Class Abilities Guide


How to get started - First Class Ability - Dangerous Scouting - Watchful Eye - Elimination - Important Mission
Ether Disturbances - Part 1 - Ether Disturbances - Part 2 - Ether Disturbances - Part 3 - Ether Compass - Sally - How to unlock more skills


Upon taking your first steps on the foreign world of Terra, you will soon discover how precious Ether is as a resource. Ether opens up new horizons for an Immortal’s progression, allowing you to obtain three unique symbols for each class that provide new abilities or passive bonuses. All of which are available to use in PvE and PvP adventures!

Obtaining these new abilities will prove to be quite the trial, but the benefits are well worth the challenge. To help you on your adventures in Terra, we’ve prepared a guide to help you reach your first class symbol!

How to get started

First things first: To unlock your first-class ability, you’ll need to find a way to reach Terra. Upon completing the Gravedigger storyline and obtaining your divine form, you will receive a quest called “Uncharted Territory”.


The quest will be challenging, but it will open your path to Terra through a strange hole in the sky, and the secrets that lie beyond it.


First Class Ability

Once you’ve landed on Terra you will immediately be met with hostility from the Phytonide forces that are active there. Assist Hugo in pushing through the threat and preparing an Up-link terminal on Terra.

Once you’ve assisted Hugo you can continue your exploration of Terra and aid the expedition of the planet by completing various region quests across the map.

This is your first step to unlocking the new Class Abilities.

Dangerous Scouting

Your first quest will be the Dangerous Scouting quest.


Follow the map and head towards the Old City region due north of the Terra-1 Station. Upon reaching your destination, you will need to find a scouting party that has recently gone missing.


Watchful Eye

You may not be happy with what your findings, but it’s important you follow the tracks in order to find the ones responsible for the scouting parties’ demise. Best to keep a close eye on them.




Once you’ve successfully placed surveillance around the Draconid base, the Elder Goddess Xintara will ask for your help in finding the Phytonides who are hiding around the Terra-1 Station after an attempted attack on the base.



Important Mission

Take care of those sneaky Phytonides and Xintara will ask to speak to you back at the Terra-1 Station. She will teach you about the Expedition Programs (Shift + G) and how they can be utilized to further increase development on Terra.



Ether Disturbances - Part 1

After unlocking the Expedition Programs your real task begins! Hugo seems to have found a disturbance at the Up-link Terminal you helped him setup and needs your help to investigate. Speak to him at the Terra-1 Station to get started.



After you’ve spoken to Hugo, he will provide you with one of the most valuable tools you could have on Terra; the Ether Compass. This artifact will help you to locate the source of Ether Disturbances and will help to guide you further along your quest.


Now that you have the compass, go to the place located on the map and examine the ether clusters!



The Ether Compass will react to the Ether Clusters and start speaking to you as your quest continues. Perhaps there is more to this compass than meets the eye.

Continue to seek out Ether Clusters to fill the bar and complete the quest.



Ether Disturbances - Part 2

Once you’ve filled your bar to 50%, it will ask you to go to search for the remainder of the Ether Cluster at another location.



Fill the Ether Bar to 100% and you will unlock a new section in your Symbols Menu.


Here you can see the 3 possible symbols that can be unlocked for your currently selected class.


Ether Disturbances - Part 3

Now it’s time to take on the real challenge and neutralize the Ether Anomaly!


3 separate locations on the map will be marked as potential Ether Anomalies.


The Class Ability you unlock is dependent upon the class you are currently using, and which Ether Anomaly you choose to neutralize.

When you approach the desired class ability, it will be displayed as a marker on the map:



Absorb the Ether and it will cause you to enter another realm, where you will have to defeat the focus of your choice. In this case, the Scarlet Focus.


Once the enemy has been defeated you can Absorb the Focus of Ether to unlock your first very class ability!



If you open your Abilities and select the Symbols Tab, you can now select your new Class Ability!


Ether Compass - Sally

After you’ve unlocked the first Class Ability you’re in for another surprise! The Ether Compass will introduce itself as Sally. An ancient mage trapped in an artifact since times long past.


Listen to her story and bring back your findings to Hugo at the Terra-1 Station to complete your quest!

You’ve done it! Congratulation on unlocking your first Class Symbol!

How to unlock more skills

You now have access to Sally the Ether Compass while on Terra and can follow her advice to unlock more skills!


Look for hints from the Ether Compass and complete the tasks in order to fill up your Ether Bar and unlock more skills!

Think you can manage to find them all? Happy hunting Immortals!