War Eternal Update Arriving December 1st!

The drums of war have begun to echo throughout Aelion as we inch closer to Skyforge’s next significant update – War Eternal! This update, which is set to launch on December 1st, will most notably see the second season of the Pantheon Wars!


Along with various miscellaneous improvements, fixes, and general changes (which will be disclosed prior to War Eternal’s release), the following notable content will be available:

Pantheon Wars - The second season of the Pantheon Wars is upon us! Organize your Pantheon and be prepared for glorious battle! While the principle remains the same, the Pantheon Wars have gone through numerous changes since the end of the first season that should make everything even more enjoyable and accessible! The Pantheon Wars are set to begin the weekend following the update.

Reaper Invasion - It’s been a long fight and the Oceanids are finally retreating, but the Reapers of Death are pushing the advantage. The Reaper Invasion will begin with this update, opening up new Adventures and opportunities. Take part in a new batch of Distortions, face off against Thanatos, and earn even greater rewards!

Squad Adventure Changes - For the solo player, Squads present a major part of their experience. However, aspects of these adventures (such as the mechanics required to defeat certain bosses) has proven to be overly difficult for novice players. To combat this, bosses and a few other aspects of Squad adventures will be altered. This will primarily effect lower difficulties, but will make getting the hang of Skyforge’s combat systems much easier for new players!

All aspects of the update will be discussed further as we near the release of War Eternal.


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