War’s Onset: Pantheon Wars

With War’s Onset coming December 2nd, gather your Pantheon members and prepare yourselves for Pantheon Wars! Take part in large-scale and high-end competitive battles to wrest control over unique complexes known as Celestial Temples.


Each Pantheon War season lasts 3 months (28 days of cyclical activity):

  • The Qualifications stage – Lasts 24 days. Our very first Qualification stage will last only 17 days in Europe and America due to time constraints.
  • The Auction stage – Lasts 1 day.
  • The Celestial Temple Battle stage – 3 days.

Stage 1 – Qualifications

During this phase, Pantheons will have to prove themselves worthy of joining the Silver, Gold, Ruby or Diamond Leagues by completing PvE & PvP activities.

Skyforge War's Onset Pantheon Wars 1

Stage 2 – Auctions

During this phase, Pantheons will be able to bid to claim a Celestial Temple.

Skyforge War's Onset Pantheon Wars 2

Stage 3 – Celestial Temple Battles

This stage is the culmination of the entire Pantheon War!

Skyforge War's Onset Pantheon Wars 3

The Pantheon Wars Rewards

During a season, players will need to fight for resources, which can be obtained from Pantheon controlled territories and used to build a Wonder of the World - a special global project that will differ from season to season.

These projects, upon completion, affect Skyforge as a whole and permanently commemorates the winning Pantheon in Aelion’s history. The result can vary from a highly-effective consumable to something much more elaborate which will be revealed at a later time... Though to receive those top rewards, Pantheon will have to accomplish specific achievements worthy of the greatest gods!
Apart from the primary rewards for participation, there are month-end interim rewards as well, which vary based on the activity type, success, and stage. Even a Pantheon who is not in line for first place can be provided rewards for participation in the championship, enabling it to develop and progress further, increasing the chance of victory in future seasons.

The Pantheon members themselves receive the most magnificent prizes, such as their Pantheon’s name attached to their completed Wonder, statues or busts in game and many more direct prizes!

Play for free today and stay tuned for the start of the inaugural Pantheon War Tournament – Complete with real world prizes!