We are live on Xbox!


Some of you already explored Aelion for a couple of weeks and learned how to use your godly powers to fight off the invading army of the Ozeanides in Early Access.

Today everyone who has an Xbox One console can start his immortal legacy as Skyforge is now officially released on Xbox! So grab your controllers and start your journey of becoming a praised and powerful god! You can download the game for free from the Xbox Store and visit Aelion with your Xbox Gold Membership.


Skyforge lets you switch instantly between 15 classes. The unholy axe wielding Revenant is one of them. If you want to spread terror amongst your enemies with this undead warrior, you should check out our Revenant Quickplay Pack giving you instant access to the class as well as 3 days of premium to kick off your journey.

Revenant Quickplay Pack

  • Revenant Class Unlock
  • Three (3) days of Premium Subscription


With our Starter Pack which is available from today on as well you will receive even more useful help for a smooth start on your way to divinity.

Aeli's Chosen Immortal - Starter Pack

  • Exclusive Hornscute Mount
  • 200,000 Credits
  • 14 days of Premium Subscription
  • 6,000 Argents
  • 5,000 Knowledge of Enemies


Now grab your weapons and aid the people of Aelion! We will see you on the battlefield!

  • The Skyforge Xbox Team