[Completed] Weekly Skyforge Server Maintenance – 07/26/2017

The Skyforge EU/NA servers will be taken offline Wednesday, July 26th at 1:00am PDT for weekly maintenance.

Please find specific details pertaining to the maintenance below:


The purpose of taking the servers offline is to perform weekly maintenance, fixes and localization tweaks.

Patch Notes


The E4 Distortion has been delayed by one week and will be activated with the maintenance on August 2nd.

Hall of Trophies:

  • Updated the interfaces of the Hall of Trophies, Tower of Knowledge, and Cathedral.

The Hall of Trophies was intended to be a structure where an immortal would keep their collector’s items and trophies obtained by their adepts which boost the character’s Might. But the system did not meet this goal.

There is an interface.
There are cards.
But there is nothing indicating that it was a collector’s lair.

Besides, it could take a while to find the card you need because of their size. For example, you want to get all trophies that increase Might in Bastions. Searching takes a long time, and you may not necessarily find them all. That is not very convenient.

From now on, in the interface of every Bastion (as well as the Tower of Knowledge and Cathedral), you will be able to see all trophies that affect the development of the structure. You will see how developed the trophies are, and you will be able to unlock the desired trophy from the interface of another structure.

There will be other improvements in the future to the Hall of Trophies. In the future, we would like to make the interface even more visually informative by adding a way to view the rewards and how they were earned.

Battle History
Battle statistics window has been updated: important interface details have become bigger and easier to use. Added controller support.

Additionally, this window is available in the Community tab.


  • In the top left corner of the screen, you can now see the queue status and postponed rewards.
  • In the invitation window in adventures, you can now see the status of players who accepted or declined the invitation.
  • You can now select a stat in the equipment menu and view its description.

Bedazzling Akonita

  • All messages from Akonita now display the correct portrait.

Akonita’s Vipers

  • Fixed the issue where the poison damage from Hidden Lunge did not take the level of Slime into account.
  • Fixed the issue where Akonita’s Snakes could not be activated if the previous snake was still alive. It can be used again, but the previous snake will disappear.


  • Added a Character Info context action to the chat and Pantheon interfaces, so you can open the profile of any character and not just those near you.
  • Added a column to the Pantheon members interface titled “Prestige points”. It allows players to track their allies’ progress.
  • Character profiles now display Prestige rank and not points.

Province Liberation

Added a window for quests for liberating provinces. Beginners will now be able to view what needs to be done in order to liberate a province and what reward they will get.

Enabled a new reward calculation method for the following invasion adventures: Lending a Hand, Fort Garune, Icy Wasteland, and Gorgonide Flagship. The prize is now calculated separately for each group member. The size of the reward depends on the number of tasks completed by the player in the adventure. Rewards will remain unchanged for those who complete adventures fully.

Adventure List

  • Added unique icons for Invasion and Equipment tabs.

Nerion's Castle

  • Blind will now only be used during a special stage.
  • On their first run, players can activate divine form via Flavius' test prototype.
  • Completing the adventure in divine form will differ from a regular run.


  • Adventure cards are now easier to navigate.



  • Improved the sound effects of Full Auto and Rapid Fire.


  • Celestial Seal increases the damage of the next Seal of Light by 350% instead of 250%.
  • Damage of Divine Scourge is increased by 50% for each target beyond two - up to a 200% bonus when you hit 6 targets.
  • The chance of gaining the Righteous Verdict effect has been increased:
  • Punishing Bolt: from 25% to 35%,
  • Justice Blade: from 30% to 40%,
  • Divine Scourge: from 40% to 45%


  • Fixed the description of Piercing Formation, Berserker Mode, and Random Attack.
  • The damage inflicted by these symbols is considered the companion’s damage, and the appropriate boosting effects affect the companion as well.
  • Fixed the issue where rank 6 of the Intensive Training: Attack symbol did not increase a character's attack by 7%.
  • The mechanics of the Homeostasis symbol has been changed. For every 10% of health lost, only one Healing Orb will now be given. Which means a character cannot get more than 10 Healing Orbs per fight.

Sparks of Transformation

Changed the mechanics of unlocking class temples. To unlock a new class, you now need 25 000 Sparks of Transformation. You can earn this currency by killing monsters, fulfilling directives, and by completing Squad and Group adventures for the first time.

  • Characters with access to all classes will not receive containers with Sparks of Transformation.


  • Temporal Compensators can no longer revive NPCs. Why would anyone do that?!

Lending a Hand

  • Fixed the issue where killing Fearless Abrina was not counted.

Metal and Chitin: Battle against Auria

  • Adjusted the difficulty.
  • Fixed the bug that prevented players from picking up some of the Healing Orbs.


  • The Adventure card for Aelinar: Divine Observatory, no longer displays rewards.
  • Fixed an issue where the female head of the Archon godform would not always have the correct color in the style room.
  • Removed the empty cell from the radial menu (G).
  • Increased the font size on the attributes panel in the Equipment menu.
  • Recommended Prestige on the Invasion screen is now displayed in ranks and not points.
  • The visual appearance of adventure cards has been changed: the reward list now stands out more.


  • Slightly improved the animation of the throwing grenade in divine form.


  • Removed the Victims season from Stories. Quests from it were added to the Directives of the Council of Gods (one quest per directive). Additionally, a few other story quests were added to the directives which were not part of the Stories section before.
  • The beginners will start receiving directives with story quests after completing the campaign.
  • Players who have developed their characters but have yet to complete this storyline will receive the first quest in the next directive.
  • Directives will remain unchanged for those who have completed the quest chain.

Known Issues

  • Legendary Shards are not currently available in our version. Please do not sell your duplicate legendary gear - you will not receive any Legendary Shards.
    This currency is related to a web feature that is not currently available for the EU / NA version of Skyforge.

  • The content of the Cradle of the World promotion is not localized in German and French at the moment.


Approx. ~4 hours

Affected Users

During the maintenance, the Skyforge servers will be inaccessible to all players.

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