[Completed] Weekly Skyforge Server Maintenance – 10/18/2017

UPDATE: The maintenance is completed and the servers are back online. Have fun on Aelion!

The Skyforge EU/NA servers will be taken offline Wednesday, October 18th at 1:00am PDT for weekly maintenance.

Please find specific details pertaining to the maintenance below:


The purpose of taking the servers offline is to perform weekly maintenance, fixes and localization tweaks.

Patch Notes

Demon Invasion Extended
The Demons have decided to make an extended stay in Aelion reinforcements have arrived for Nihaz. Their forces will continue the invasion until the 8th of November.



  • Fixed bug causing a delay in restoring health after using the Execution ability.
  • Fixed the bug in which the Charged Attacks effect, appearing after the use of the Execution ability, was not displayed correctly on characters.
  • Fixed the bug in which the Death's Steward ability did not inflict damage to targets immune to control.
  • Fixed the bug in which enhanced base attacks did not reduce the cooldown time of the Death's Steward ability.
  • The Death's Steward ability no longer reduces the cooldown time for Dehydration.
  • Fixed bug in which the Dehydration ability could interrupt boss abilities.
  • Fixed bug in which characters did not recover energy after finishing a target with the Repose effect with the help of the Execution ability.
  • Fixed bug in which characters did not recover sufficient health from applying abilities in divine form.
  • Fixed bug in which enemies continued to hang in the air after the Dehydration ability had been stopped.
  • Fixed bug in which the Lightbinder talent Lunar Talisman did not have a recovery time when working with duplicate Revenant aura. In addition, the Revenant no longer duplicates the aura of characters killed in battle.


  • Visual effects of abilities have been optimized for PvP.


  • Fixed the bug in which a character was sometimes repeatedly thrown back after using the Somersault ability.
  • Fixed the bug in which the Stun effect might not be displayed after applying the Piercing Discharge ability.


Nihaz's Avatar (training version)

  • Fixed the bug in which bosses could pronounce spells without stopping.
  • Fixed the bug in which a boss became invincible if shield was not broken in the phase with sparks.
  • Fixed the bug in which a boss stopped changing phases and using abilities after coming out of a state of rage.

Nihaz's Avatar (champion version)

  • Combat Superiority now works in the adventure.
  • Fixed the bug causing monster and boss health to be lower than the calculated values.


  • Battle of Equals. Fixed bug causing the list of rewards to display divine deeds.
  • Interface Option to switch off the game chat display in the game added (menu Settings > Game).
  • Now characters no longer change appearance when trying divine abilities, while in regular form.

Important - 94.1.47

  • Fixed the issue where some characters could not receive the quest for improving Combat Superiority at Flavius’s laboratory.

Training Nihaz’s Avatar

  • Version of Astral Curse that spawns astral domes is now activated sooner. It allows players to find the safe areas sooner and complete the adventure faster.

Invasions in Regions

  • Fixed the issue where players who waited for demonic obelisks to spawn at the place where they had been destroyed could not see them.
  • Improved the visual effects of mission failure in Astral Onslaught.


  • Fixed the issue where Embrace of Pain in divine form restored less health than it should.
  • Fixed the issue where cooldown of Crushing was not always reduced if it was cancelled.
  • The visualization radius of Slaughter is now correctly increased when god’s form is activated.
  • When Circle of Life is used, the health interface is now updated correctly.
  • Fixed certain sound effects of female characters.
  • Corrected the character’s interaction with weapons: axe is now correctly displayed in hands and visualized on the ground when the Revenant loses it.


  • Fixed the issue where the icon of provoked hostile monster (3 exclamation marks) could get stuck and transfer to other targets.

Important 94.1.56

  • Added a new development stage to all cards in the Hall of Trophies that increase Might gained from the Cathedral, Tower of Knowledge, and Bastions.
  • New quest is now available in regions attacked by demons: Astral Executioners. It will be triggered when Astral Onslaught is successfully completed.
  • In retaliation for his foiled plans, Nihaz sends his most powerful demons, Astral Executioners, who will return to astral after some time. To defeat them in time, you need gods’ help. But be careful: an Executioner’s rage is deadly! To defeat it, you will need heroes in aspect form.

  • For completing Astral Executioners, all heroes will receive 2-4 chests that may contain random currency and rare or epic equipment. And those who participate in the battle in their aspect form will gain Cognition required to further upgrade divinity.

Hostile Territories

  • Reduced the number of monsters around certain trees/
  • When you gain ether too quickly, a boss will spawn near your tree who will feed on ether in this tree. As long as the boss is alive, the tree’s aura will not work. You can gain ether by killing this boss.
  • Slightly reduced the amount of ether that drops from monsters.



  • Fixed the issue with the animation of the female version of Luminous Burst.


  • Fixed the issue where Astral Reaper’s Fury ability could not be used if you played using a controller.


  • Fixed the issue where using Death Envoy could increase the cooldown of certain abilities.


Training Incarnation

  • Removed Astral Curse phases.


Light and Darkness

  • Fixed the issue where the curse of eternal torment was not removed by class abilities.
  • Dau’Shiid’s spirits should now die when the fight ends.


  • Fixed the issue where divine form was not deactivated when the character entered astral.
  • Fixed the issue where the boss could exit combat during the last stage.
  • Pantheon Wars

Temple Gates

  • Divine weapons will be discarded when you pick up a crystal or power unit.

Bridge to the Temple

  • Divine weapons will be discarded when you pick up a power unit.
  • Power unit no longer disappears if the character carrying it dies in the enemy area.


  • Added Luxara, Eternal Light (weapon) to the generation 10 Chest of Ancient Gods.

Hak’kar, Eye of the Storm

  • Corrected the size of Astral Spinner when it is used in divine form.
  • When the weapon is used, Experimental Transport is no longer deactivated.

Lus’sa and Krei’ra, Elemental Fury

  • Fixed the issue with the visibility of runes when Fire Frenzy is used.
  • Increased the size of runes that appear over characters in divine form. It will be easier to hit them now.
  • Runes are now better visible on lower graphics settings.


  • Fixed the issue where mounts could be summoned as combat allies for a longer duration than intended.


  • Fixed the visual effects of Euphomine Stimulant used in divine form.
  • Manned Module is no longer displayed on the character if it is not active.
  • Fixed the issue where the Lightbinder could remain in static animation after dashing.
  • Corrected the camera position for male characters on Battle Pegasus.
  • Fixed the issue where in Fort Krigg the character could remain lying after being stunned for longer than intended.
  • Male characters on Experimental Transport should have their legs appropriately positioned.
  • Metarchus’s Staff running out of charges should no longer stop the character in their tracks.

Hostile Territories

  • There is no daily limit for ether anymore. Instead, there is a weekly one: 20 000. This should help players pick a more suitable time for obtaining ether.
  • Reduced the special Octhulhu’s damage and maximum health.


  • Added a Rage phase to adventures 2, 3 and 4 of the demonic series. It starts 15 minutes into the battle. For Astral Twins: in 13 minutes for the first bosses and in 3 minutes for the second bosses.

Astral Twins

  • Reduced damage from pools of unstable matter.
  • During a long fight, the boss no longer summons a great number of violent spirits.
  • Changed the appearance of pools of unstable matter: they are more noticeable now.
  • Fixed the issue where picking up a divine weapon would remove the visualization of blindness.


  • The character that has already completed the adventure will no longer receive a reward for their squad member’s first run.
  • Credits from the reward for a squad’s first run were moved to the reward for the first run of the region.

Divine Weapon

Nerion’s Hammer

  • Fixed the issue where the improved hammer’s aura granted a 12% bonus to damage instead of 15%.



  • Fixed the issue where the cost and damage of Punishment while under the effect of Pacification was calculated incorrectly.


  • Fixed the issue with the damage of certain characters’ companions. Their Piercing Formation, Berserker Mode, and Random Attack symbols should start working properly.


  • Divine Form, obtained with help from the last (fourth) spark, is no longer removed when the boss comes out of a state of invulnerability.

Champion Incarnation

  • Boss health reduced.
  • Invasions in Regions

  • Visual effects for rain have been optimized. This will reduce the load on game clients, using fast and low graphic settings.

Higher Divinity

  • Aspects are now resistant to control effects from other immortals and junior gods.

Aspect of Tenacity

  • Radiant Aspect and Whiplash cooldown time is correctly reduced, if a character has explored the relevant talent.
  • Talent increasing Retribution cooldown has been adjusted.
  • Talent reducing Defender's Rage cooldown has been adjusted.



  • The Revenant has appeared in the training room.
  • Fixed bug in which you could use Punishment even without the class resource.


  • The Quick and the Dead target can no longer be an already defeated enemy.


  • Wrong behavior by monsters when certain abilities causing displacement and stunning of enemies are used has been fixed.


Approx. ~4 hours

Affected Users

During the maintenance, the Skyforge servers will be inaccessible to all players.

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